Oct 132011

Sadly, I am broken as well. Three blog updates per week is just not getting it done. Here is an official update from my support team:

We have identified a potential issue in geoffhanna’s brain.  As a precautionary measure we have disabled his brain while we investigate.  We may bring his brain back online when we complete our work (but we may not, it is not really a very popular brain). We thank you for your patience.

Please follow us on twitter or like us on facebook to receive updates during the maintenance.

Sadly though, following those links won’t get you any additional information. The problem is not really my brain, it is my clock, there aren’t enough hours on it.

Time zooms by like wind
When I capture a small piece,
I spend it in game

Not to worry, I’ll be back. I always am.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. *cough* fora *cough*

  2. we can reboot him, upgrade his OS make him better, smarter, and half the size. We can make him the “Bionic Commando” *cue cheesy theme music*

  3. Your brain is broken?! Ill fix it! Ill fix it!

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