Mar 162012
Alas how far have you fallen MFP?
Six pages!

I pulled a set of +5 Mithral Full Plate this morning. It had a minor prefix and, if I remember correctly, a 3rd level suffix. As I was preparing to send it to my crafter for deconstruction, it hit me.

This is a set of +5 Mithral Full Plate.

Once upon a time, this stuff was worth whatever you wanted to ask for it. It was a very rare drop, and it was the best Armor Class armor one could acquire. Now I am going to let it go for a chance at two or three greater essences.

I wondered if I was being hasty. I considered disjuncting it instead, maybe someone will want it for a crafting blank? I tried it on – pretty generic, not one of the better-looking skins but not bad either. Mmmm. Undecided, I decided to check the auction house for guidance.

Oh my. Six pages of Mithral Full Plate. So much for the rare drop aspect. And some of it is available for a 2500 plat buyout. So much for the idea of disjuncting it into a crafting blank.

Sadly I went back to the mailbox and sent it to my crafter.

Bye Mithral Full Plate. Was fun knowing you.

I wonder if this is what being Paris Hilton feels like?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Send it to the Artificer as Mithral is a Medium Armor and Artificers get that Feat along with shield proficiecy so you can blank it add Twilight or some other ASF reducer and have really good AC on a low level.

  2. I get that feeling of nostalgia anytime I pull a clean flaming/acid/etc ML2 weapon, or a metalline of pure good. While I craft and find it useful, I’m not sure if it was worth what we lost.

    With crafting and the changes to rare drops in quests like WK (Bought my first base Sirocco at 300k and that was a STEAL, now they’re 15-20k) tome retention and ioun stone farming nothing seems to have value anymore except for scrolls, LDSs and FRDS.

    It was nice finding a diamond in the rough random item, now those too seem to be worthless. I found a +15 disable ring with a small augment slot and RR: halfling, which to me just seems pretty awesome, but no one seems to want it and I can’t bring myself to deconstruct it.

    To me currency should have value in an MMO, but with everything being BTA/C it really doesn’t. When everyone can easily acquire any item or craft something better there ceases to be “nice gear”.

  3. My halfling rogue on Cannith wants it *g*

    I’ll admit to sending most stuff straight to the breakers, but there’re some combinations that will end up either on one of my characters or in the bank.

    Metalline of PG? That’s still rather useful – not EVERYONE can craft metalline, after all. If one of my characters can’t use it, to the AH it goes, and it usually sells.

    Force wraps of pretty much anything vaguely useful? To the AH-mobile, Robin!

    Paralyzing/Banishing/Disruption/Smiting are still all highly useful, and I suspect will be even if they eventually get released (see above re: metalline).

    I suspect that certain high skill items, either with a useful prefix or no prefix to keep the ML lower, are still auctionable.

    Pretty much anything with a guild slot is valuable. Maybe not for the hundreds of thousands of dollars people still try to sell such stuff for, but… certainly a decent amount.

    Maybe you can’t get the prices you could have a year or two ago… but there’s still plenty of useful random loot out there.

  4. Of course, still plenty useful, but nothing has the “Oh wow, that’s nice!” factor that it once did.

  5. Everyone has the Calvary Full Plate now so it’s pretty obsolete. And yes, Paris feels the same way.

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