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Apr 292016

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to come up with new ideas to write about on a blog over years of time.

Yet we have our own enigma, Geoff, who keeps plugging away. There has to be some pressure (i.e. the workday is looming threateningly!) and, I don’t know about the rest of you readers, but I want Geoff to keep having fun with this blog.

And so to that end, I offer my unsolicited help.

I gave a speech earlier this week and I’d drawn up an outline and prepared. And then I decided to try something different. I gave the speech mostly ad lib and then opened up for questions instead of formally presenting.

I don’t recommend that in most venues, but this was a training seminar and the speech was based on my experience.

I went reactionary, in other words, and the result was satisfying to both me and the audience.

My point is, I think we can all help out more on Geoff’s blog (which certainly has DDO developer attention and that is good for all of us who play DDO) if we were to request subject matter on certain topics.

I realize its been done here before, but, if you have time, jot down in the comments a topic or issue or character build you’d like to see Geoff write about in the coming weeks.

For my part, I’d like to see an opinion piece about all of the events DDO issues during the year and are they still viable, are they still fun and what new events might make more sense?

Events, I love DDO events. Every time I log on or check the weekly, I’m looking for upcoming events.

What topics interest you? What topic would you like to see a blog post cover?

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  1. Ideas are always welcome, very welcome! I can’t do them all, but even the ones I can’t do usually give me other ideas that maybe I can do.

    And thank you very much for the kind words 🙂

  2. I have a polarized opinion on events, that depends 100% on which toon I happen to be logged on. Crystal Cove on my main? Been there, done that, got the loot and the t-shirt. Crystal Cove on an alt? Ooh! I need another Spyglass!

    So I admit that vet-me is somewhat bored of the old events, but the flip side is that we have new players joining every day to whom the event is still new. In that regard, my stance is that ALL of the old events (that still work, RIP Mabar) are still “viable.”

    Not everyone is kitted out like the thirty-plus life vets 😛

  3. Builds. I like looking forward to my next build. While I have been playing DDO for about 6 years, I have only recently come to understand that focusing on 1 main character is the best way to play for character building.
    My last 2 builds have been both from Geoff, the Feybuckler and the Freezerburn Druid. I have really enjoyed playing them both as well. Now I am looking for my next build and while there are some very good resources out there on the forums, a lot of those build are for multi-lifers with top end raid gear which I am not. Geoff’s seem to be totally adaptable for everyone.

    Thanks Geoff for all those that have already been posted!!!

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