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Flipping Coin
One of many (very many) moments discussing Coin’s past lives

This is going to be one of those posts that is about my characters. Sorry, no dev interviews, no new reference material, and no general-DDO-interest topic. Today, it is all about me my avatar Coin Serf.

Coin is my “Hagglebot with Benefits”, thoroughly optimized for Haggle yet also able to carry the load as a DPS Sorceror. Obviously not as deadly as someone min/maxed for DPS casting but still, she makes a pretty fair blaster. Her second set of benefits are bundled into her Use Magic Device skill: she can use everything.

So that’s it for her. Haggle, blasting and UMD. She is light on hit points but has Evasion as she took two levels of Rogue to help with Haggle and UMD scores. Lots of agro and few hitpoints are a bad combination and Evasion is only so helpful; when Coin is being actively played she is my character that is most likely to die.

Which is saying a lot as all of my characters die. Frequently. But I’m sure it has nothing to do with my play style.

Coin SerfHaving a death-prone Hagglebot is just fine, I didn’t build her to use her in quests. She holds my hoarded gems and collectibles and ingredients, she is my crafter, and she buys and sells things. Very effectively. And that is good enough. She might get dusted off for a guild Shroud run but mainly she lives in the Crafting Hall and life is good. She’s never even leveled above 20; she picked up her free Epic Destiny when MotU came out and called it good.

Recently I’ve found myself repeating the quest Spinner of Shadows. Many, many times. Enough to get bored and start wondering things like “Could Coin complete this on Epic Normal?”.

And so she did, and yes she could. Dying twice, which may sound bad but is pretty good for Coin, the Coin Death-O-Meter frequently  goes up into the double-digits. No maul shard though.

That got me wondering some more. Could Coin handle the first fight and locked box in Servants of the Overlord? Ransacking that chest is far more time efficient and likely to result in Chelena’s maul shard, but I don’t have anyone that can unlock the chest.

Although Coin has those rogue levels … hmm …

A quick experiment proves that Coin can easily defeat the first combat encounter, but even after crafting herself a +13 Open Locks item she is unable to unlock the chest. Even with skill boost, GH, Prayer, Good Luck, and the Spider Mask. Even on a 20. No good.

Examining her skills, I cannot really tell what my focus was when she was leveling. All possible Haggle and UMD of course, but after that it seems that I was all over the place. Her Feats are a bit unfocused as well; why do I have so much Spell Penetration on a character that never throws control spells?

I really would like someone that can open this chest. Maybe Coin could use an update. Maybe it is time for Coin to pick up a new benefit.

Lesser Reincarnation is the DDO equivalent of a face lift. Nothing looks all that different when you are done, but you can update your character to take advantage of the game changes since she was built. Less wrinkles. More focus. But also like a facelift, things can go very wrong if done poorly. You should always have a plan.

My plan:

  • Stats: Dump WIS, Max CHA, try to up INT for an extra skill if possible
  • Skills: Haggle, UMD, Open Locks, Diplomacy if anything is left over
  • Feats: Haggle (2 feats), Spell DPS (2 feats), Air Savant requirement (1 feat)
  • Enhancements: lightning DPS, cold as a secondary DPS. All of the stat boosts. Air Savant and it’s prereqs. Hitpoints and spellpoints

With no need for Spell Pen and Greater Spell Pen I can upgrade Coin’s survivability with Toughness and Force of Personality.

And so we are off, Coin and I, teleporting and running and jumping our way to the bank for a cached Lesser Heart of Wood, then off again to House J for an encounter with Kruz the Reincarnator. Kruz has a surprise for me: a free Lesser Reincarnation! I’d forgotten that everyone got a free LR per character when MotU was released.

Soon Coin and I are on the reincarnation airship, trudging our way through the heavy clickfest that is manually rebuilding 20 levels of character. Time passes. The mind wanders. One has to focus; I catch myself varying from The Plan and putting skill points into Jump and Concentration. Fortunately I notice before finalizing the choice and no harm is done.

And then the (nearly as tedious) re-equipping. On the plus side, while doing this I noted a few items I didn’t really need to be carrying and banked them. So the inventory got a bit of a facelift too.

But eventually all is complete. Coin looks the same and has the same Haggle and UMD. But now she has more hit points and a usable Open Lock skill. The plan was followed correctly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good plan. Time to find out.

Coin shows off her new skill

Off to the Harbor. Enter Servants of the Overlord on Epic Normal. Dispatch the Rakshasa, then the Drow clergywoman, then her spiders. Run and jump.

Coin is at the chest. She activates all her relevant spells, items and boosts. I notice that I am holding my breath as I press the Open Lock command.


It worked!

Haggle 72, UMD 59, and Open Lock 47, and all of that on top of being a pretty good DPS caster. Not bad for a first life Halfling.

I wonder what else she can do?

🙂 😀 🙂


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  1. Nice. My first-life Ftr/Rog (only 1-level of rogue) also focusedon DD and OL. It’s really nice to at least have a CHANCE at diabling/unlocking. And for the most part, he can succeeed (there are a few he fails – but just a few).

  2. She can go fishing in the lame with that monster thing whatsitcalled. She can do this while hopping up and down on her left pinky toe rubbing her stomach and patting her head and braiding her hair.

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