Mar 142017

No idea where this shot was taken.

Or why.

Well, maybe I can guess at the why. /Flexing does not happen by accident, clearly I posed this, even if I no longer recall when or where.

I am surprised that the frog appears in the reflection. I mean, the frog should appear in the reflection, but it just seems like the kind of thing that usually someone forgets to do.

The frog’s name is Ragtime. It is a vague and hopefully less on-the-nose reference to this guy. Like most of the things I do, it amuses me, and I am less concerned about how it may or may not amuse others.

Rancyd and Ragtime, Feybuckler and Frog. The frog is much more interesting in closeup, maybe the most interesting cosmetic companion of all. You should see him hop trying to keep up with Rancyd. He hops so fast it is a blur. A lightning hop.

It would be excellent if Ragtime could sing and dance, but it is enough that he can jump and croak.

I think he is probably my favorite familiar. Not as Commando as a war dog, not as sleek as a panther, not as perfectly suited to character as a mini-steel golem, not as nerdgasmy as a pseudodragon. But completely and totally interesting on his own.

A fine frog, lightning-hopping along, exuding coolness at every hop.

Awesome frog is awesome.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Lol! I didn’t know familiars can have cosmetic hats! Or am I understanding it wrong?

  2. DAMMIT, now ALL my pets want top hats… and I just don’t have 10K DDO points to do it. LOL

  3. That frog could also fit as the “Here come dat boi” meme.

  4. Did Rancyd find the frog in a ruin? Did he expect to become rich and famous?? Will he eventually go crazy??? Bury that frog under the new stairs in Marketplace before it’s to late!!!!

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