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Five Simple Suggestions for 2016

Just to be clear, I am not stating that any of these are easy changes. I see this on the forums all the time, someone posting something like

“Well, I am a professional developer, and I can tell you without doubt that this idea of mine will be very simple to add”

I am not saying that or even anything like that, although I am, in fact, a professional developer. For all I know every one of these ideas is in the middle of some seriously gnarly code.

So … not easy. But small, in the way that they are simple to describe, and very limited in scope. I have dozens of other suggestions, new classes, halfling dinosaur mounts, new weapons and new races and new monsters and quests and entire content packs and (stops to take a breath) … other stuff; but all of those would be grand scale: not small.

Nor am I claiming that any of these are the most important, or highest priority, or any of that. They are just simple; low-hanging fruit that would help make the game feel more polished.

Today I am keeping it simple. And limiting myself to only five, because otherwise this is going to turn into one of those thousand-word marathon posts, and no one wants that.

The Twelve Favor Reward

Currently, when one earns top-level Twelve favor, one is given a title, “Honorary Member of the Twelve”, except there are no titles in the game, and this supposed rank is not recognized or even mentioned in any other game dialog anywhere.

It is a non-reward.

Let’s clean that up and provide an actual reward. Keeping things in line with the other Twelve rewards, perhaps a choice of Large Augment/Collectible/Gem Bags? Or an Even Larger Ingredients Bag?

Something. An actual reward.

Purple Dragon Knight Favor Reward

Even worse than the Twelve, when one reaches top-level PDK favor one is told “We have not yet devised a reward befitting of someone of your accomplishments. Speak with me at a later time, when such a prize has been contrived.”

That is seriously lame, and I remain incredulous that anyone was willing to release that into the live game. It is time to contrive a prize. Past time.

PDK rewards are all over the place; Key to the City, cosmetic companion, gear upgrade vendor. Hard to find a trend, making it harder to suggest what the new prize ought to be. Maybe a Key From the City? One that teleports the owner from Eveningstar to the Hall of Heroes in Eberron?

Something. We are totally overdue for something here.

Temple of the Sovereign Host

This area in House Deneith has never been finished. A gigantic space with several attached rooms, all empty. A couple of NPCs at one end (including the Relic of a Sovereign Past quest giver) and nothing else.

Clearly there were bigger plans; why else have the Word of Recall spell hard-coded to bring the caster to the temple?

Time to flesh this out. I’ve brought this up before, six years ago (!), maybe it’s time to bring it up again.

Founders Fountain

It seems almost inexcusable to me that the Founder’s Fountain has been allowed to stay broken now for several years. Ever since the forum changes.

Seriously? This game is “powered by its fans” according to Turbine, but in fact, the one thing in game that actually honors those fans was broken years ago and has never been important enough to fix.

I think we’ve had about enough of that. Fix the fountain.

Shipping Clerk Hireling

I want a hireling that will really, truly, break all the boxes and breakables. All of them. Not like “Hunter of Boxes” dog who breaks one and then just stands there.

I don’t care if this hireling ever heals me or fights or does anything else at all. I want it to have high evasion and defenses, avoid agro, and break things.

Every. Single. Thing.

A Shipping Clerk, in charge of boxes and jars and containers. Go get ’em boy!

Four of these ideas are bug fixes – and why not, Severlin indicates they are “bringing out the bug zapper” based on our suggestions. So I am suggesting.

Four bug fixes and one new idea. All “small”, at least, small when compared to most of my other ideas.

What do you think? Any low-hanging-fruit-sort-of ideas you’d like to see early in 2016?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I totally agree about the Temple of the Sovereign Host!!!! I mainly play clerics. I use that spell. Make it a shrine. A place to change spells. Put Divine Venders and Divine Trainers in there. Do something with it. Casters have the Portal Hole.

  2. I have an additional suggestion: a search box added to the Augment bags.

    Why was this never implemented?

  3. i like the thinking here seems these are all things that should and could be done ……….should being the key word ……….cool site btw

  4. I suggested adding actual destinations for the Lamannia and Dolurrh options that the Tower of the Twelve Planescaller offers.


    Like the Temple of the Sovereign Host, this is clearly an unfinished area of the game that could encompass an entire quarterly Update (or two).

    • I disagree. I think the two responses were always meant to be a joke of sorts. Although, travel to Lammania could be an update. I’m not so sure about Dolurrh though. I mean, might be cool for undead hunters, but since that is the plane of undead…

    • I wouldn’t mind a thousand word, marathon post. Just sayin’…

    • To complete the joke, the guy could always transport you to “Dolurrh”… Be sure you’ve updated your /resloc πŸ˜‰

  5. I like your ideas. Especially the shipping clerk. If nothing else, that is a very original idea.

    As for bug fixes, there are two I would like fixed.

    One, I’m sure is very difficult and time consuming: Get the bounding boxes to line up with the visuals so ranged characters can actually shoot between trees and over rocks and such. Since each quest is built manually this would require a huge amount of work and will never get done. πŸ™

    The other one showed up a little over a year ago and still isn’t fixed: Kill 9 (6 left). Kill 9 what!?!?!

    Some of your are probably higher on my list but like the founders fountain and the PDK favour reward, both of these are signs of a very unprofessionally made game. Any halfway decent QA team should have spit both of these back to the devs before it got anywhere near UAT and if management had a clue, they wouldn’t override QA on something this simplistic and obvious to the consumers.

    I’ll stop ranting now.

    • Can’t always blame the devs.. Management never overriding QA is a pipe dream in many worlds.

    • Great post.

      Perhaps all hirelings could have in their … menu (I forget how to access it, right click something?), the option to toggle box breaking. Of course, be nice if they fixed the homunculus/companion/hireling brain dead featureβ„’ first (this may have been fixed).

      On the topic of dinosaurs and halflings, I’ve always thought halfling druids should get a dinosaur companion … perhaps they could even sell us it as some sort of iconic.

      Actually, all druids need more companion options, or at least ONE more, beer, to match the beer … bear wild shape (I have to stop drinking and typing, if I can bare it). I’d personally love some sort of great cat option for wild shapes and companions =)

      I wonder what a gnomish druid would be like… Happy Gnome Year!

  6. Oh dear, you’ve done it again; excellent and prolific content. Meaning you’ve beat this procrastinator once again. Do you remember the little face to face we had in game? Remember me speaking of the “special” week I had in mind for June?

    Dinosaurs and halflings? There is only one plausible outcome in that scenario πŸ˜‰ I think the mimic said it best, “Yum!”

    And on the topic of boxes, I’m afraid that I must, for entirely selfish reasons disagree. Luedwig is currently living a f2p slow-levelling zero-bravery-bonus life where he Does Not break boxes. Still working on what I expect to receive as a past life feat when I tr from this Iconic Defender of Boxes, Crates and Barrels.

    Death and complete deconstruction of all metal dogs! Huzzzaaahh!

  7. Agree x5

    But Yes, the unkillable, box breaker…. I’d buy that for 500 TP!

  8. Um, I left but got to thinking so I came back, “Did Geoff just slip something past us?” That’s when I got side-tracked by Bob. I ended up leaving but returned(beer in hand) to thinking about what I had been thinking. For full resolution to my problem I would need to return to the site.

    And so I have now returned; on the whole “before” this becomes a marathon thing, how many words exactly, does your draft say you have in this post?

    Halflings are the sort of writer to toe that line, just close enough, that everyone suspects but no one quite figures it out…. πŸ™‚

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