Oct 242011

The goggles catalog is coming along nicely. Five more down, about a dozen to go. Anyone want to lend a hand?

I wrote up some guidelines for someone who offered to help. It is just conceivably possible that these (very specific) guidelines had the opposite effect and actively encouraged the volunteer to flee in the opposite direction, muttering foul things about my micromanaging self as she (he?) fled.

At the risk of repelling further volunteers, here are the guidelines I am using myself:

  1. Find a nice lighted place
  2. Rotate* the camera till it is staring into your characters face
  3. Zoom+ all the way in until you are in FPS mode
  4. Zoom out one click
  5. Move the focus orb somewhere near your character’s face but not ON the face
  6. Select the goggles so that they show in the focus orb
  7. Take the screenshot ++

* I rotate the camera by right-click and hold but it varies depending on your keymapping
+ Zooming is done with the mouse wheel, or with the + and – keys.
++ Ctrl-P is the default screenshot key but I have remapped it to my actual Prt Scr key

Don’t worry about getting the lineup of the character and focus orb just right, I can adjust it in my graphics program. It is bad if you have them too close together though, better to err on the side of too far apart than too close together.

See? Nothing intimidating or micromanagery, hardly at all!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Cool! I didn’t catch that you were doing this until now, nice work! I will grab any missing I come across on my live guy…

  2. Thanks Jerry! I am updating the myDDO blogpost too but the better-looking and definitive version of the catalog is in the forums at http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=346457

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