Nov 142012

Emtpy TempleSo beautiful! So spacious! So empty!

So much of the beauty of this game is in the details. I’m not talking about the complicated nature of D&D itself, but rather in the tiny little things that Turbine added to make Eberron and Eveningstar feel like real places.

Stuff like the NPC in the harbor who is cleaning glass. Someone has to, right? Or the way you can meet Velah in Elf form when you go back in time in the Chronosphere. Or the kobold messengers in Reaver’s Refuge, running to and fro in the service of their draconic masters and mistresses. Or the dove-based sound effect you get when you open a mail box in Eveningstar.

Details. Added just because. Many more examples exist.

In a world that gets this much loving attention to detail, those few areas where the detail was forgotten stand out.

Here are five areas where the “fit and finish” of the game seems abraded.

    • Temple of the Sovereign Host

A massive, empty space that is the only place you can go with the Word of Recall spell. Let’s get some Temple staff in here. Fill those empty rooms!

    • Dragon Scale outfits

Yes there are already Dragon Scale robes, functionally identical to outfits, but really not at all the same for pants-based reasons.

    • Guild Communications

Without a guild mail system or bulletin board the guild implementation feels incomplete.

    • Airship Binding Point

There may have been good reasons to skip this capability when airships were first launched, but things have changed. Time to put it in.

    • Piercing attack animation

Probably the hardest to add, but it just looks wrong to be slashing away with my thrusting weapons. And especially now that some of them are allegedly “spears“.

Polishing up these areas won’t add new content or new technology, but some of the changes seem like they would be easy to do, and all of them would add to the overall DDO feel.

Developer time
Most precious of resources
Details make the game

Any other “fit & finish”-type areas that I missed?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Since they have spent time redesigning vendors/binders/whatever icons lately, I think you have a good point. I’ll think about it.

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