Apr 152013



I’m back, baby!

Hello, and welcome to Adiurd’s Nonsense first post in DDOGamer after the announcement of MyDDO’s demise (incidentally DDO is down today, maybe it’s really MyDDO’s end…)


First of all I would like to thank Geoff for allowing me to post my DDO nonsense on his blog (thank the Dark Six he did not set any quality benchmark as a requirement for posting here or I would have been toast).


So let’s get down to DDO stuff. This past weekend I almost had a DDO-panic attack. So let me show you how I went from A Small Problem to the Depths of Despair, passed through the Path of Inspiration and reached Home Sweet Sewer:


  1. I wanted to go into Lammania to see the new enhancement pass.
  2. Had an old Lammania client that would refuse to update
  3. Uninstalled this old client
  4. Tried to download Lammania and Pando Media Booster failed on me
  5. Went to play on a regular server and found out I had broken it while uninstalling Lammania
  6. Wasted 4 hours trying to download the normal client because Pando Media Booster failed on me (you suck PMB)
  7. Tried a System Restore, but also did not work
  8. Cried myself to sleep Friday night
  9. In a moment of inspiration I remembered that my wife, who had not played in a couple of months, had DDO on her laptop
  10. Copied the files from her laptop to mine
  11. And finally reached home


Apparently I wasn’t the only one having problems with downloading the client (I checked the forums). But all’s well that ends well, eh?


Thanks for reading and have a good weekend


PS: Geoff, if I’ve done something wrong layout-wise with this post, let me know please.

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  1. Very nice! And welcome to DDOGamer!

  2. Welcome to the fray!

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