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fighter magic user
Something about this picture just looks … wrong

Update 20 will include a new enhancement tree for wizards called “Eldritch Knight”. There is a lot to think about here. Is it (finally) truly viable to have a Fighter/Magic User at end game? That seems to be the design intent.

Even though I have a lot to figure out, I am already sure that Warforged wizard tanks are going to love this. So will melee Bards. So will my Monk8/Wizard12 character Oriental Adventures.

But all of that is going to have to wait. We cannot figure out what we are going to do with all this until we first understand what it is:

Core Enhancements

Every point spent in the tree adds .5 Spellpower

  • Eldritch Strike
    • Passive 1% doublestrike and up to +4d6 weapon damage
    • Active attack: +1[W] and adds 0-2 Force per character level in an AoE burst (15 second cooldown)
  • Spellsword I
    • Passive -5% arcane spell failure
    • Passive +10 Force spell power U
    • Toggle adds up to 4D4 elemental damage to weapon hits
    • Toggle adds 0-2 AoE elemental damage burst per level to Eldritch Strike
  • Spellsword II
    • Passiveย  1% doublestrike
    • Passive +10 Force spell power,
      Toggle adds up to 4D4 elemental damage to weapon hits
      Toggle adds 0-2 AoE elemental damage burst per level to Eldritch Strike
  • Spellsword III
    • Passive -5% arcane spell failure
    • Passive +10 Force spell power
      Toggle adds up to 4D4 elemental damage to weapon hits
      Toggle adds 0-2 AoE elemental damage burst per level to Eldritch Strike
  • Spellsword IV
    • Passiveย  1% doublestrike
    • Passive +10 Force spell power,
      Toggle adds up to 4D4 elemental damage to weapon hits
      Toggle adds 0-2 AoE elemental damage burst per level to Eldritch Strike
  • Spellsword V
    • Passive +2 INT
    • Passive +10 Force spell power
    • Eldritch Strikes now progress to unlock Eldritch Power (+10% melee damage, +25 Universal spell power)

You choose a different element each time you select Spellsword
Elemental damage add only applies when using weapons – not unarmed combat
Elemental AoE burst does apply to unarmed Eldritch Strikes – you get both, a Force and the elemental burst
Only one Spellsword toggle may be active
The Force and Elemental damage bonuses are all improved by Spellpower

Duration for Eldritch Power not given

1st Tier Tree Enhancements

  • Improved Mage Armor
    • SLA or toggle
    • Up to 10% addition to total armor class
    • Casts Mage Armor as the 1st level spell
  • Toughness
    • Passive: up to 15 hit points
  • Item Defense
    • Passive: up to 75% chance to avoid item wear
  • Battle Mage
    • Passive: up to +3 concentration, intimidate and spellcraft

2nd Tier Tree Enhancements

  • Improved Shield
    • SLA or toggle
    • Requires Improved Mage Armor
    • Up to +10 PRR
    • Casts Sheild as the 1st level spell.
  • Shield Training
    • Passive: proficiency with bucklers, light and heavy shields
    • -5% Arcane Spell Failure cause by wearing a shield
  • Light Armor Proficiency
    • Passive: armor proficiency as the name implies
    • -5% Arcane Spell Failure cause by wearing armor
  • Martial Training
    • Passive: 2% Doublestrike
    • Provides proficiency in all martial weapons
  • Wand and Scroll Mastery
    • Passive: up to 75% efficiency increase with wands and scrolls
    • +3 to wand and scroll save DCs

3rd Tier Tree Enhancements

  • Arcane Barrier
    • Passive: -25% to all damage for (up to) 20 seconds with a (as low as) 90 second cooldown
  • Elemental Resistance
    • Passive: Up to 6 points of resistance to all elements including Sonic
  • Critical Accuracy
    • Passive: Up to +3 to confirm critical rolls
  • Strength, Dexterity or Int
    • Passive: +1 to selected stat

4th Tier Tree Enhancements

  • Shield Striking
    • Up to 15% chance to add a shield bash to your successful hit
  • Medium Armor Proficiency
    • Passive
    • Requires Light Armor Proficiency
    • Armor proficiency as the name implies
    • Additional -5% Arcane Spell Failure cause by wearing armor
  • Critical Damage
    • Passive
    • Requires Critical Accuracy
    • Up to +3 to critical damage before multipliers
  • Strength, Dexterity or Int
    • Passive: +1 to selected stat

5th Tier Tree Enhancements

  • Tensors Transformation
    • Toggle requires Arcane Barrier
    • Just like the spell except it stays on until you turn it off
  • Eldritch Shield
    • Passive: gain temporary hit points every six seconds while you are wearing a shield
  • Still Spell
    • Passive: as much as -15% additional Arcane Spell Failure
  • Doublestrike
    • Passive: as much as 3% Doublestrike
  • Eldritch Tempest
    • Active attack: melee AoE does +2[W] and 1d6 Force to all around you
    • Cooldown (as low as) 30 seconds


Two SLAs – Improved Mage Armor and Improved Shield – have no duration but allow Extend?
The other SLA, Tensors Transformation, specifies a duration of “Permanent’
You must have five levels of Wizard to take any 5th level enhancements

Some of it seems a little contradictory, like offering the Shield spell and also a bunch of enhancements to a regular-old non-magic shield, even though having a real shield negates part of the Shield spell. Yes, Improved Shield does more than just the spell, yet still, it seemed a little off to me.

The elemental burst earned with Spellsword does work with unarmed combat. The enhancement description also talks about an add of up to 4D4 weapon damage that I was not able to get during unarmed combat.

I am quibbling. Overall this seems like something that is going to generate a LOT of new builds. Good ones too. I am excited about the possibilities!

Fighter/Magic User at last!

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  1. I can’t deny it. This actually sounds interesting to me.

  2. Certainly looks interesting for all those Tukaw-types out there

  3. Very cool. It’s similar to what the Henshin Mystics did for Monks, especially the Force damage. A little Evasion in there and they’d might be as good as Will-o-Wisp slayers as Mystics are. It didn’t strike me as the same as the Warlock class as I’ve seen in NWN2, however, which also applied a different take on a sword-wielding caster-type. Less Ammon Jarro, more pissed-off Gandalf with only Glamring the sword.

    • Yeah I was kind of thinking the same type of thing, that it was going to be a Warlock like in NWN2 but appears not to be the case. It does sound like an interesting thing to play around with.

  4. This does look really interesting, but I’m wondering about ways to negate the ASF (i.e., casters take a penalty for armor now, but can negate it by choosing armor with some form of twilight)… although that’s probably a little less of a concern for a caster who’s also a legit melee threat than for a pure caster type.

    Also wondering why it seems specifically tailored for wizards and NOT sorcs, as a passive +1 Charisma isn’t listed. Battle Mage adds to intim, which is Cha-based. Just seems like it wouldn’t take much to make it a bit more sorc-friendly, maybe even FvS-friendly, and open up some new ideas for builds.

  5. I missed something, how does this effect melee bards?

    • I should have said “meleebards that are willing to splash a little wizard”

      • I kind of realised this, but was pondering the practicality, with these enhancements it may be better to just go primarily wizard?

        Alternatively, one might suggest any class could splash Eldritch Knight … 1 or 2 tiers already gives you some interesting melee bonuses (time to update my Lamannia client).

        • I find the idea of splashing a couple of wizard levels in order to get toughness, some PRR, doublestrike & martial weapon proficiency faintly hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

          • One might say counter intuitive ๐Ÿ˜›
            It will definitely yield some interesting builds, which people do enjoy creating ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. When is it released?

  7. It will be in Update 20, but they haven’t announced a date for it yet.

  8. I’m pondering a PDK who abandons his Purple Dragon status at level two and takes up Wizardry as an Eldritch Knight.

What do you think?

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