Jun 102015

My favorite part of the Temple of Elemental Evil is the flame crystal effects on parts of the Fire node walls:

Fire Node flame crystals

Flames dance and whirl around the crystals:

(Warning, 4M GIF ahead)

Flames dancing and whirling around the fire crystals


There is a full-sized version, suitable for wallpaper use (although I have not yet figured out how to have animated wallpaper). But it is 10 meg, so I am not directly displaying it. You’ll need to click here to see it, but I urge you to do so, it is totally worth the bandwidth.


There’s been lots of talk lately about game bugs (and there are plenty) and design decisions (not every decision can turn out optimally) and these things are all true. But when the game is good, which fortunately is most of the time, it is very good, very good indeed.

More than good. Beautiful.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You can convert the gif to a wmv file, supposedly that works, Can’t say I’ve tried it myself though 🙂

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