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Mean Girls
Succubus vs. Dryad: Can I root for both of them?

I love it when I discover a brand new capability in the game. How surprising it is that this continues to happen. I play a lot! Not 24/7, but still, a lot, and I’ve been playing for seven years.

Nonetheless, I frequently encounter things that I have never found before.

Yesterday my wizard found a Succubus in her pack. How strange. But at the same time, how cool!

I always have Alt-itis, not a big surprise coming from a guy with fifteen characters on one server (and dozens more elsewhere), but the last couple of weeks have been even more random than usual.

One session I am on my fighter. Another session I am on my level 25 barbarian. Then my level 13 completionist TR. Then my epic enchanter. Then back to the barbarian.

Normally I have two or three characters that are working on goals and I limit my play to only those characters. But not last week, and so far, not this week either.

Somehow in the midst of all this random attention, my wizard acquired enough XP to unlock a new Magister Destiny slot named “Call Kindred Being”. And so she added it to her hot bar and ran back to the Kings Forest adventure area where she could resume helping my Gamer Girl try to acquire Cleric of Amaunator commendations.

Summon Kindred Being
Wanting to try out the new thing, she clicks it, and summons a Succubus! Apparently one gets different beings from this ability based on their highest specialized spell school? I’m not sure, but I’ve read some complaints about this ability from players who instead summoned a Lich (necromancy?) or Living Spell (evoker?) and were not satisfied with their creature due to low challenge rating or a limited pool of spell points.

I can’t really address the Lich or the Living Meteor Swarm but I can tell you that the Succubus is awesome! Partly because she looks so amazing, twitching her tail as she plans some deviltry or another, but mainly because she is actually an effective member of your party.

She has devil immunities and enough hit points to be able to stick around for awhile. She attacks with a flying kick when in melee, but more often she flies out to range and attacks with a fireball or lightning bolt, or sometimes whips out a wicked bow and fires back at her target.

Very cool to watch, and sufficiently effective to add value. This is a summons worth summoning.

Now my wizard travels with the Succubus all the time. I like it even better than the Chaos Beholder one can occasionally get from the Shard of Xoriat.

There is only one Epic Destiny that I have completely explored, and nine that I haven’t yet touched at all. I hope they each feature something as interesting and useful and flat-out fun as Ejecta’s new Succubus!

So fun!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Ooh, good, glad to hear the succubus is worth getting – my bard is going through Magister, and I just (like, less than 12 hours ago) bankrupted myself to switch out one of her feats for Spell Focus: Enchantment. Partly for the extra DC, ’cause she really needs the extra DC for her dancyballs, but also largely for the succubus.

  2. The Elder Dryad is a very competent Epic Healer.

  3. Cool! I had a wizard evoker who could summon Living Meteor Swarm and a Pale Master who could summon a Lich. The Meteor Swarm was very squishy, but hey, it cast 3-4 Meteors before it died for 0 sp, so I liked him. The Lich was ok at getting agro but nothing spectacular.

    What school focus did you have to get a Succubus? Conjuration?

  4. @Adlurd Enchantment!
    I have a pale master and the lich is actually really good. It runs out of SP but it is free to summon another one and the cool down is not an issue. You can also quicken it for free 🙂

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