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Dec 182015

In chests I find

Copper, silver, and gold coins

Wonder what they’re for


In town I go

Carrying my new treasure

A strange dwarf arrives


He wants the coins

Should I give them to the dwarf?

Other uses: none


He gives cookies

In return for the treasure

Oddly shaped, they are


Jelly cakes, too

Colorful, in a strange way

Interesting looks


“Magical food”

He says, “Gives you new power”

Curious, I am


In the dungeon

Carrying these new desserts

I think I’ll try one


Horrible taste

It is like eating some worms

Why did I trust him?


I feel so sick

But something strange happens, to

Fire tickles my fingers


A force blasts forward

Burns everything to dust

Have to get more food!

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  1. More food 🙂

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