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DDOGamer Does Favor

Chapter 1: What Favor is and how it works
Chapter 2: Faction Favor rewards, ranked by usefulness
Chapter 3: Total Account Favor and Turbine Points

Factions & Favor
With 1500 total favor, Sparksy has earned numerous favor awards. Some are more desirable than others

DDO has all kinds of differing factions that will award you favor points for doing their work. Like many games, when you have accumulated enough favor points for a faction, they will give you something as a reward. Unlike many games, you don’t have to pick and choose between opposing factions that will be pleased or angered by the same action, you can cozy up to all of them.

In fact it is hard to avoid. Favor happens to you automatically, when you complete quests. Your only control over the matter is:

  • Deciding which quests to run: one quest will award favor with one faction only
  • Deciding what difficulty you will run the quest: more difficult completions award more favor

You do not earn favor for repeat completions of the same quest, but you can improve the favor awarded by that quest by re-completing it at a higher difficulty. That is a harder concept to explain than it is to understand. Maybe an example will help?

The Sunken Sewer is a level 2 quest in the Marketplace. The Patron for this quest is The Coin Lords, meaning it awards favor with The Coin Lords. The base favor for this quest is three; you will earn three points of The Coin Lords favor for completing in at Normal difficulty. You can repeat the quest on Normal as many times as you like but you will still have only those three favor points that you earned the first time through.

If you instead repeat the quest on Hard difficulty, the favor award improves from three to six. If you do it on Elite, the award improves to nine. Epic quests do not increase favor; nine is the highest possible reward.

You don’t have to run the quest normal, then hard, then elite. If your first run through the quest is elite, then you will earn the quest’s maximum of nine points right away. Repeat completions will not improve the award any further.

Some factions have rewards that are more useful than others. Some are really quite unnecessary. Note the image at the top of this article; Sparksy Haversack, my OMG Artificer, has accumulated enough favor to be rewarded by three different factions that she hasn’t even bothered to turn in. You can tell which factions are ready to give you a reward by noting the progress bar on the Patron window. When it fills, you’ve earned a reward.

Most factions offer more than one reward. For instance, the Coin Lords offer three rewards, one when you have earned 75 Coin Lord favor, another at 150, and a third at 400. Their Patron progress bar will fill as you earn their favor until it reaches 75 and then stay full until you talk with the Coin Lord patron NPC and he awards you (the Coin Lord Patron is Montague Goudreau, an NPC that stands near the mailbox in the marketplace. Each faction has their own Patron NPC). Then the progress bar will reset to show your progress towards the next reward level.

You can wait until you achieve the highest level reward and then cash them in all at once, meaning the patron progress bar will fill only once and then stay like that the whole time, or you can turn them in as you earn them, resetting the patron progress bar each time.

I am making it sound a lot more complicated than it is. It is truly simple. Earn favor, get rewarded, repeat if the faction has multiple reward levels.

There is also a special sort of faction named “Total Favor”. This one adds up all the favor awarded by everyone and gives you very substantial rewards for it. Total Favor is also the best way to earn Turbine Points.

Now that we all understand what favor is, how to earn it, and how to cash it in, we can look at the types of rewards offered by each faction. No, wait, on second thought, scratch that, that is a topic in it’s own right. And so is Total Favor. Making two separate topics.

Sigh. How about I write those articles next week and link back to them from here?

See you next week,

🙂 😀 🙂

[Edit] Thanks to reader Tom who caught my error regarding Epic difficulties: they do not offer higher favor.

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  1. After playing DDO for a while you start to take many topics for granted, like favor, which might confuse newer players. Sometimes I see players asking about favor in the harbor and think “buts thats soo easy”. Then I remember it actually isn’t if you’re new. We should all remember what is was like to be new. Nice post

    • Very true, veteran players are so used to playing the game that many forget how hard it was for them when they first started out playing DDO. This article is an excellent write up and “introduction” so to speak about the favor system in DDO, great job Geoff!

  2. Epic levels do not add favor above the heroic levels. Epic Normal gives the same favor as Heroic Normal. Epic Elite gives the same favor as Heroic Elite.

    • Which makes NO sense to me, and is why if you’re just looking for favor, it’s better to run a quest on heroic elite than on epic anything. Unless something’s changed (and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t), the way favor works between heroic and epic is a little wonky. Not sure there’s a good way to explain this… you’re awarded favor based on the highest difficulty completed, so you get more for elite than hard, more for hard than normal, etc. BUT, if you run a quest on, say, Epic Hard and get the favor for that, and then later run it on heroic elite, you DON’T get the extra favor for completing on elite because epic hard is considered more difficult than heroic elite, and you did epic hard first.

      Yeah. Like I said, I didn’t explain that well, but then again it’s hard to explain something when you don’t understand what the hell Turbine was thinking when they set it up that way. *g*

    • Just remember to get your Heroic Elite completion before you touch it on Epic. If you do Epic Casual first then you’re locked into an Epic path and doing Heroic Elite won’t update your favour.

  3. Hopefully we’ll see a proper reward for 250 Twelve and 500 PFK Favour some time soon ….

  4. One thing to point out concerning favor is that a few of the rewards require you to talk to more than one or a different NPC. For instance, at 150 Coin Lord Favor you talk to Montague but then have to go to the Ryo? (I think that is the name) to expand your backpack space. Also for the Free Agents favor, maybe 400 favor I believe, you have to also talk to the Weapon smith in the Zawabi’s Refuge for that award.

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