Nov 092009

The whole concept of “battle cleric” has been stirring up controversy ever since day one. On one side are these people: Stop fighting and play your role, you are the only one who can heal, if you want to battle roll up a battle class. On the other side are these people: Stop telling me how to play my character. Go buy a pot if you need heals or buffs.

When Favored Souls were released, they combined Cleric spells with Sorceror casting abilities and … fighting feats and enhancements?

The dream of battle clerics everywhere since the game launched.

Except it seems to have infected the clerics too, not just the favored souls. As if someone officially approved the whole battlecleric concept, releasing everyones repressed aggression to the surface all at once.

Remember when Wizards and Sorcerors would bring you into a quest group and then expect you to stand back and wait while they Cloudkilled everything? Did you enjoy that? Because it is back in a big way, except that Blade Barrier is the new Cloudkill.

I am the first guy to say that every player should play their character the way they want. But watching clerics solo mobs through their blade barrier is boring. And it takes a long time. Worse, you can’t hit the monsters while they are running: boring + time consuming + annoying = why bother?

Symptoms that battlecleric mania is taking over your world:

  • LFMs that already have two clerics posting that they need a healer (not actually a negative, I just find it funny)
  • Everywhere you go in the quest, there is already at least one Blade Barrier there
  • You have to keep asking for heals even though the cleric said he was a healbot
  • Every time you ask “is that our blade barrier?”, the answer is “yes”. And you don’t even get to finish the question

I’m not saying clerics/FvS should play their role and HJEAL me. Really. I’m not even trying to rant. But I’m done chasing mobs around the blade barrier and hoping I can get a hit in before they die or the BB expires. I don’t need quest completion that badly.

Hmmm that looks kind of like a rant after all.

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  1. Too late to nerf anyone perhaps a new class is needed. Mabey time to bring on the Druid,

  2. So true, and I play a 20th level cleric. Although I prefer not to spam BB’s.
    After all its a group game.

  3. Battleclerics are fine as long as they both battle and cleric. it’s the “battle” types who dont even heal themselves that are the problem, IMO.

  4. I am really not against battleclerics. really.

    I am against any player of any class who dicates solo tactics on an entire group.

    I didn’t like watching sorcs melt beholders in cloudkill either.

  5. This is the reason I often solo my favor runs at high level on my clerics. I have invited people to join me thinkin that they would love the easy favor (I certainly do when the situation is reversed. Heck sometimes I’ll even leave the room and pour some scotch while I am waiting for the cleic to zerg on through.) But I have recently had a good number of players drop on quickie runs because they said they had hoped they could help. So I just drop bb by my lonesome and log in one of my other accounts on another computer if something goes wrong and I need a res. Don’t ever call me a battle cleric though. I cringe when I hear the 2 words put together like that. Here is an example of how to properly use them together in a sentence: The CLERIC had excellent healing skills and we won the BATTLE with ease. 😉

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