Oct 032014

For whatever else Update 23 brought us (and it brought us a lot!) it also brought us a pretty large number of new bugs. Or in some cases, maybe old bugs, back again? Not sure, but I am pretty confident that it was mainly new ones.

Never fear, in record time they are back with a patch. Check out the fixes:


  • The Mark of Death raid now has a 20th completions list. Players who have run the raid will have their under-20 completions retained, and players who have already exceeded 20 completions will have their progress to the next 20 completions retained.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some players to not be awarded loot from the end chest of The Mark of Death raid.
  • Fixed several issues with armors and other items not creating the proper cosmetic when using the Mirror of Glamering. This fix is not retroactive; players who created a cosmetic armor using the Mirror of Glamering who are not satisfied with the resulting cosmetic item due to a change in the item’s look or coloring should contact support, either in-game or through support.turbine.com.
  • The Key to the City – Eveningstar can once again be used on a guild airship.
  • The Quest Arc reward for the Epic Orchard of the Macabre quest chain now offers better loot.
  • Knight of the Chalice: Exalted Smite’s cooldown now decreases with the amount of ranks spent in the enhancement.
  • Two Handed Fighting and Two Weapon Fighting are no longer mutually exclusive.
  • Heart Seeds will now be offered to eligible characters as a reward option when running Epic Orchard of the Macabre quests, Epic Gianthold quests, and Epic Three Barrel Cove quests.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all effects that provide a +2 Insight Bonus to Strength to instead provide a +3 Insight Bonus to Intelligence.


As far as I know, that takes care of everything EXCEPT the fact that goggles no longer display, and the LFM panel which has gone all wicky-wacky and now requires one to search on the WHO panel before working correctly.

And of course, Brec the level 23 Favored Soul who continues to refuse to heal me. But then, that is not new, he has always refused to heal me. So, new hireling AI, new way to manage hireling AI action, same ole same ole when it comes to me and Brec.

But nonetheless. Lots of fixes in a very short time. Nice patchwork, Turbine!

Now get to work on those goggles!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. What do you mean by “goggles don’t work?” They seem to be working fine for me, both cosmetic and noncosmetic, up or down. I can see them, toggle them, and they display as expected.

    • Not me. Goggles are completely gone. I log in, I deal with the fact that my spider mask has become visible again, and toggle until goggles display.

      Except, no goggles. Up, down, whatever. I didn’t check cosmetic goggles, but I imagine they still work fine (since they are really hats in the first place?).

    • Hm, Haven’t checked on ALL my characters, but I am pretty sure that on the ones I did look at post U23 all of them that should show goggles have them.
      It does get annoying to always have to turn cosmetic armor and helms off (I don’t want the BF docent and the party hat to turn on automatically), but that is something else, and it can be toggled when logged in.

  2. I run with Brec quite a bit. I like the fact that he waits until you hit the lower 30% to heal me. Makes him last longer than other hirelings.

    Also not having an issue with goggles. Maybe a race related bug?

  3. Since you guys are freaking me out about the goggles – I assumed it affected everyone, never occurred to me that I might be special – I posted on the forums to see if i am truly alone.

    Check there for pics.


    • Forum users figured it out. It is because Mawry has cosmetic headgear equipped. A new bug was introduced in Update 23 where goggles will not display for anyone who has cosmetic headgear equipped, even if showhelmet is off.

  4. As far as Brec (and other hirelings), try switching him to “active” then back to “defensive” modes. That will usually ‘fix’ them. If not, then try throwing in going to “passive” (so, “passive”, “active” “defensive” or “active”, “passive”, “defensive”). If he’s still refusing, fire him – preferably with real fire.

    {I have had some issues with Brec before U23 (haven’t used him since U23 or for quite a while, for that matter), and with “Andy” (Andaro) and others, too, but the toggle stance thing seems to work…usually. I did have some issues with Andy on Teusday in eOrchard wilderness and the toggle thing seemed to work, for what it’s worth…}

  5. Yeah, the patch was definitely put out pretty quickly. I figured it would be out by a week or so, but good to see they were able to work on those bugs and quickly!!

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