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Fastest Fists in the West

I spent awhile trying to figure out how to modernize my Kung Fu Caster, Oriental Adventures. Eventually I decided to focus on three things:

  • Doublestrike
  • Offhand weapon proc %
  • Melee alacrity

I hoped there would be enough enhancements/feats/epic destinies leftover to manage defenses and some self healing. I think I succeeded, but she is a lot less caster than she used to be, maybe not at all. She is also no longer a she at all, but rather a he, although that doesn’t matter in any way.

There are other attributes that she used to have that he will lack in this version, important things like Rise of the Phoenix. But he ought to be the very fastest fists in the West. Or East. Or anywhere.

Oriental Adventures
Level 28 Lawful Neutral Halfling
(13 Monk \ 4 Ranger \ 3 Druid \ 8 Epic)

The following numbers are all without equipment. Saves, for instance, will likely be 15 points higher than shown, and hit points will get another 192 points from CON bonus alone.

Hit Points:   387
Spell Points: 4320540 (??? a bug in Ron's planner)
BAB:          15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude:    22
Reflex:       25
Will:         20

Assumes +3 tomes on all, since they are so readily available at the moment

(34 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength             12                    15
Dexterity            16                    29
Constitution         16                    19
Intelligence         10                    13
Wisdom               16                    20
Charisma              8                    11

Again without equipment. One may assume another 20 points in all of these except Jump.

                 (Level 1)            (Level 28)
Balance               5                    43
Concentration         7                    37
Heal                  7                    40
Hide                  3                    22
Jump                  5                    27
Move Silently         3                    20
Spot                  7                    30
Tumble                5                    25

Ranger Bonus Feats

Level  1 Favored Enemy: Undead

Monk Bonus Feats

Level  2 Dodge
Level  3 Mobility
Level  7 Path of Harmonious Balance: Fists of Light
Level 12 Power Attack

Druid Bonus Feats

Level  5 Wild Shape: Wolf

General Feats

Level  1 Dragonmark of Healing
Level  3 Past Life: Disciple of the Fist
Level  6 Spring Attack
Level  9 Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Level 12 Improved Critical: Bludgeoning Weapons
Level 15 Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Level 18 Grandmaster of Forms
Level 21 Epic Improved Martial Arts
Level 24 Epic Great Dexterity
Level 27 Epic Damage Reduction

Epic Destiny Feats

Level 26 Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
Level 28 Elusive Target

Halfling Enhancements

Halfling Luck 
Halfling Luck 
Jorasco Dragonmark Focus      x3
Lesser Dragonmark of Healing 
Break Out The Leeches 
Greater Dragonmark of Healing

Nature’s Warrior Enhancements

Extra Wild Empathy 
Athletic                      x3
Flight                        x2
Action Boost: Double Strike   x3
Fatal Harrier                 x3

Deepwood Stalker Enhancements

Increased Empathy             x2
Tendon Cut                    x3
Empathic Healing              x2
Favored Accuracy              x3
Favored Damage                x3
Killer                        x3

Tempest Enhancements

Shield of Whirling Steel
Whirling Blades               x2
Improved Reaction

Ninja Spy Enhancements

Ninja Training 
Shadow Veil 
Sneak Attack Training 
Acrobatic                     x2
Sneak Attack Training 
Fists of Iron

Shintao Enhancements

Bastion of Purity 
Reed in the Wind              x3
Deft Strikes                  x3

Looking at this stuff, I wonder if there isn’t a bug in Ron’s planner. Some of the prerequisites for the higher-tier abilities look like maybe they are not being met. But this sort of thing is hard to eyeball, I trust Ron and his team’s programmatic judgement more than my brief lookover skills. If adjustments need to be made, I’ll update this post.

I am really looking forward to seeing what happens when Fatal Harrier and Killer both start procing in big fights. Fists everywhere!

Leveling Plan

If I am remembering correctly (and that is always a tenuous proposition), the only part of this plan that is required is that you have to have at least 12 Monk levels before you hit level 18 in order to take the Grandmaster of Forms feat.
This build created with the DDO Character Planner

Level  1 Ranger
Level  2 Monk
Level  3 Monk
Level  4 Druid
Level  5 Druid
Level  6 Druid
Level  7 Monk
Level  8 Ranger
Level  9 Ranger
Level 10 Monk
Level 11 Monk
Level 12 Monk
Level 13 Monk
Level 14 Monk
Level 15 Monk
Level 16 Monk
Level 17 Monk
Level 18 Monk
Level 19 Ranger
Level 20 Monk

Twists and Misc

He already has one Epic Past Life Doublestrike feat and will strive to add two more, plus maybe a Colors of the Queen if that stops procing Radiant Forcefields and Adrenaline on the bad guys.

Initially, he will Twist in Running with the Wind and Hail of Blows for the additional Doublestrike. Later, as he has more Fate points, he’ll stay in the Grandmaster of Flowers destiny and instead twist in Improved Invisibility and either Purity of Essence or Symmetric Strikes.

And that should be that. Super fast fighting that only gets faster as the fight progresses. Enough base speed and special attacks to be deadly even against the most difficult red-named opponent.

Fastest fists in the West!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. You were looking for sustained doublestrike, right? How much were you able to glean? Anything from 20% and up would be good by me. Syncletica, a pure Monk in Wind Stance, has a 22% sustained if I remember correctly. Your Druid and Ranger levels certainly add to this, provided they stacked properly.

  2. How effective is Fatal Harrier since the tweak. I haven’t tried it (always wanted to) since the the consensus is that it counts down too quickly and is impossible to stack.

  3. Not that you did, but just an FYI:

    I have found that if you import an older version of a character planner build (pre-“whenever they added ‘spellcraft’ to the skills list”), things get a little borked. I have even opened an older build file and a ‘latest and greatest’ build file, side-by-side, so I could spot the differences, edit the older build file and/or cut/paste from the newer one and STILL had some wonky-ness (“wonkiness”?). I have had to basically take all my older build files and re-create them – from scratch – into the latest version to have it work properly.

    Strange things, but I have seen stranger when it comes to programming and electronics, in general. But it still begs the question: when you copy the ‘internal’ text from a text file and paste it into another text file, why don’t they come out the same? I mean, it a TEXT file…

    • I found the same problem, still love using RJ’s tool, though πŸ™‚

      Oh, and Windows 7 …. if you have multiple versions of the DDOCharGen, they don’t each remember their own “last used directory” unlike in Windows XP…

      • I only really thought about this, immediately after posting the previous post, but the fact that all the executables have the exact same name, Windows 7 treats them as the same application. Therefore, easy fix, rename the executables.

        Statistics suggest (and, being statistics, from different sources seem to disagree a little on this):
        At least as many Windows XP machines as Windows 8 machines are still browsing the Web.

        I mention this, because one of my DDOCharGen machines is an ancient tablet, circa 2005 and USED to run DDO, is still running Windows XP, post-April will be an interesting time.

  4. the :”Shield of Whirling Steel” & ” Whirling Blades ” of tempest won’t work on hand-warps \bare hands. only when u wield 2 weapons. i think the “tempest” as well won’t work it. that tree is entirely monk unfriendly (unless u go ninja 2 short swords).
    so fists? not really..

    • Hmmmm. I tested the DWS stuff and it did work but I did not test the Tempest stuff yet. On the other hand, if it fails, it is only 11 AP and there remain other good places to spend them.

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