Oct 172013

May I Axe You A Question?
Knicker, Axing

Knowing that I’ve been wanting to add a little Epic raiding back into our DDO mix (which has gotten very heavy on heroic TR lives lately), my Gamer Girl noticed that there was an LFM up for Caught in the Web and suggested that I go for it.

I looked, there it was, but it was almost full, and I am not even on the right character.

Quick! log out, log in on Knicker, who is the only character I have that I am certain is flagged for CitW.

Something is off though, her hit points seem low? But hurry! I ask to join the group, and am pleased to be accepted. I am the eleventh person to join. Hurry!

I don’t know this raid very well and I haven’t been playing Knicker recently, fortunately I am on the airship already, and the ship buffs provide a layer of added confidence. But hurry!

As I am running through zones, Knicker’s lack of hit points begins to bother me. Looking, I seem to have all the right equipment equipped, but still, something is off. Wait, why are her boosts and other active actions all grayed-out? And … uh-oh … she has the “plus sign” indicator, meaning she has unspent Action Points.

This could explain everything. I am still running, but I toggle open the Enhancements panel: she has 80 points available to spend. Crap, this must be the first time I’ve opened her up since Update 19!

Meanwhile the twelfth player joins the raid. I am running, but am still in Eberron, and I have 80 points worth of enhancements to spend.

I contemplate dropping the group, but it has become difficult for me to find a combination of ( raid group available ) plus ( a time when I am not two-manning something with my Gamer Girl ). If I pass here I might miss my window for the entire session.

Holy crap.

Nothing for it but to toggle on auto-run and feverishly start pushing enhancement buttons. I have a careful selection of enhancements all laid out for Knicker, but no time to pull that up now. Click, just click! Thinking can come later.

Yes, all of the Halfling core enhancements, all of them, we can get picky later. And all of the racial Halfling backstab enhancers too, Knicker is a DPS character, backstabbing is DPS, yes, click all of those.

The party leader is saying something but I can’t make out any of it. His volume is low, my sound effects are high, but it’s not just that, he’s not speaking English. It’s not quite Espanol … Portugueso? Probably, but that only means I have to run even faster. People get booted for language differences all the time. People get booted for lateness even more often. Run!

Meanwhile, I am jamming into walls and obstacles while trying to run across two worlds without paying attention to where I am going. I still manage to make progress, but it is ugly progress, and if anyone else is watching me it is going to look like I am a seriously bad driver.

Or maybe people who see Knicker will just think she is lagging? Ah, no time to worry about that kind of stuff now. Run and click, click and run. Go go go!

I am going to need lots of Frenzied Berzerker. I start clicking icons in that tree. There is a weird one, something about gaining temporary hit points while losing CON. I need it to get Supreme Cleave though, so take it, three times, and keep clicking!

I end up spending all my Action Points and arriving at the quest nearly simultaneously. Since most of the delay in running was time spent waiting for load screens, this means I chose 80 points worth of enhancements in less than a minute elapsed time. Probably less than 30 seconds.

And the the raid starts and Knicker is fine. I have to follow the other melees, I don’t know what I am doing and can’t understand the instructions, but I manage to hold up my end of the kill count. I soak up some heals, but then I always do, this is a Frenzied Berzerker after all, but I stay on the back side of the monsters pretty regularly.

Although I learned the Barbarian enhancements several months ago on Lamannia, that was months ago, and I am reintroduced to many active enhancements as we go. For instance, I now remember not to over-click the one that exchanges temporary hit points for CON (Blood Tribute), but in spite of my lack of understanding, I manage, and if my game play is not stellar it is at least not embarrassing.

So there’s that, wouldn’t want to be embarrassing now would I?

But it gets me to thinking. If I can pick all of Knicker’s enhancements, while running and zoning without stopping, and still be reasonably effective, doesn’t that say something? Something about maybe we’ve been over-thinking the whole enhancement thing?


Over something?

Nah. I think it’s just easier to kit up a Barbarian. And I did have the advantage of doing it before, even if my memories of that event have faded.

Or maybe I am just that fast. Quickdraw. Clickie-slinger.

The Fastest Enchancer in the West.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Over panicking? Over dramatic?


  2. See, I did this same thing earlier in the week on my Barb on the way to CitW, and she wound up pretty lame. This may be because I thought the anti-spell caster enhancements were somehow a good idea. So I’m whacking Lolth’s boobs with the CitW great axe, raged and EDed, only doing 20 damage per slash? *hangs head in shame* I chose poorly.

  3. Nice story Geoff. One thing that occurred to me, is how its now far easier (and cheaper?? – not sure on that one) to change our enhancements. I find myself often just clicking a bit on a not done character and redo it a couple of quests later (reset tree gets a lot of use).

  4. I was running with someone just the other day who hadn’t done their enhancements yet as well. They ignored it and pushed through! πŸ™‚

  5. Personally, I think some people have been over thinking it. When I hopped onto
    My Artificer for the first time after the update I looked over the enhancements and knew exactly what I needed her to have. I’ve read about people spending 1-2 hours doing them for a single character. To me, that’s crazy. It took me all of a couple minutes and she’s pretty darn great! Like me!

  6. Wow, I haven’t played in 2 months since Shadowfell hit on August 19/20th. I have to respec all of my toons still. What you did, is totally not for me πŸ˜› I would totally plan it out every detail, Hehe! Cool Geoff! Cheers! :P! :)! :D!

  7. LOL, this was just too funny. The joys of having a plethora of toons and trying to maintain and stay active on them all!!

  8. Since when have we been able to do enhancements without a trainer?

  9. That’s a bit rich…
    Don’t you think it also detracts from your RPG experience?

    • I have never found the idea of talking to a dude who is standing around with a bunch of other random dudes and dudettes, in the open, in a high-traffic public place to be much of a role-playing simulation of the leveling process.

      Hey look this guy sells me arrows! Hey look, this guy gives me a level!

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