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Ever since the advent of the Mirror of Glamering I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled* for outfits that would compliment certain characters. Most of my characters already have an established look, thanks to cosmetic armor kits, both old and new, but a couple of characters have been stuck in armor that is now under-powered (poor Chelena, unable to take off her Epic Deneith Heavy Chain) or not quite right looking but better than any alternatives encountered to-date (poor Ejecta and her Metalline Pantyhose).

* “Keeping my eyes peeled” is really one weird colloquialism. Wouldn’t peeling your eye hurt? A lot? But I digress.

Even Mawry, my main, has never found the outfit that looks perfectly Commando-like. Her current look is adequate, she has the Dark Leaf Light Armor (With Utility Pack) and that is adequate, what with the various bandoliers and thigh holsters and packs and heavy gloves. But the colors are too bright for Commando operations, and there is skin in places where she would probably prefer heavy canvas. At least.

Other outfits over the years have been adequate but not perfect too. There was a leather set that would have been most excellent in a different color. For that matter, the Leathers of the Woodsman set that can be obtained from the Druid trader in Eveningstar is quite nice too, but plain. Very plain. It is the plain brown wrapper of DDO.

Which brings up my point. Now that we have Mirrors of Glamering, and now that they’ve been patched so that they properly mimic the colors of their source material, how about throwing in some armor coloring too?

One could argue that this is a basic tenet of the fantasy MMO. Including the other Turbine MMO. But I don’t care about any of that. Nor do we need a complicated crafting scheme like the one used to create dyes in LotRO. I just want to be able to change the color of my armor.

I found this robe the other day. It caught my eye* immediately, it even has a thumbnail design that I’ve never seen before. When I put it on, I noticed that yes, this is something new and different. Leather and metal right there in the robe, but with a cut out too. Not super functional but quite nice looking.

* Ouch again! Leave my eyes out of this!

Mawry in a leather and metal trimmed Wizard robe
Quite unusual, and quite well-designed.
But also quite drably colored.


I kept the robe and tried it on with the idea of sending it to Ejecta if it looked good enough, except I didn’t notice that it was a wondrous craftsmanship item and would bind to Mawry when equipped. Oh well. It wasn’t going to Ejecta in any case, it is really a nice robe but so drably colored!

But what if it didn’t have to stay that color?

Mawry in a green-colorized version of the wizard robe
Same interesting design, shinier metal, browner leather, more color!


Mawry in a reddened version of the robe
I wanted this one to be be bright scarlet but I couldn’t get there
with my limited photo manipulation skills


Here is the Leathers of the Woodsman armor in original view and in two other views with coloration. Actually, this may be the Hero’s Leathers, they are the same, and I forget. But regardless.

Mawry in Hero's Leathers
A fine set of leathers, very detailed. But boring at a distance,
the detail falls away and all one sees is brown.


Mawry in green colorized Hero's Leathers
Slightly fancier, and more visually interesting
when one is looking from further away.


Mawry in blackened Hero's Leathers

Probably the most Commando-like, if I was better at photo manipulation
the metal and studs would pop out more clearly, but I am not.


Even better, if we could choose which accoutrement appear along with the armor: imagine if I could color up the Woodsman leathers and then add the bandoliers and thigh holsters from the Drow Hunter set. Whoa. That would be awesomely Commando-like. It would take me awhile to create in The GIMP, so for today, at least, we’ll just have to imagine it.

But my, what an awesome look it is. In my head.

Although most things are pretty awesome in my head.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Considering they did a revamp of the system a little while back, when people ended up wearing no pants … a lot, they should already be rigged for “jumpsuit” (the cause of no pants) and accessories combining options.

    I’m wondering what the other darkleaf/darkweave would look like with the cool rogue backpack…

  2. So long as it’s not overly done or impractical-looking, some of the armour as-is looks pretty decent, even it it is very colourful – leaves of the forest for example is a pretty hideous set,but i rather like the elocator’s habilment – ok, its rainbow fabulous but it’s got that samurai-style look, and some of the ceremonial stuff back then actually *was* done in bright colours, plus it at least looks like a practical design.

    Even more so on the weapons for me… when they enable that on the mirror, a number of characters will be getting simple, elegant & practical weapons instead of things with those silly extraneous spikes & stuff. The forgeblade (bladeforged starting gear) is a very nice, clean blade with a slightly stylised but practical hilt. The cormyrian bastard sword is another good skin, even if it is a little bit “sword of omens” in style 🙂

  3. I’d LOVE to be able to dye existing armors to other colors. Even really, REALLY wants green. Doesn’t *have* to be chartreuse to match her hair, but at least GREEN, y’know? The green armors I’ve found either have stuff like humongous pauldrons, or they show WAY too much skin (tanking paladins just aren’t going to leave bare skin exposed), or they’re just kind of meh, or they have weird asymettrical stuff.

    Elocator’s Habiliment is perfect for a bard who’s kind of a Valley Girl, and I have a recently-TRed rogue who’d love Leaves of the Forest (and I’ll probably make her a kit of it as soon as my VIP points kick in, ’cause I spent my existing points buying Mirrors to glamer other stuff).

  4. It would be pretty nice to have the ability to dye your armors different colors and adding various little additions would be good too. I can see that being a nice money grab for sure.

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