Oct 142014

Rejected! Like bacteria surrounded by white blood cells.
No. Just no.


Sometimes you have to remind yourself. Here, let me help:

  • You need losses in order to have wins
  • You need failure to have success
  • You need bad so you can appreciate good

This is the yin and yang of gaming and it is a balance that can be surprisingly difficult to attain. Too easy and things are boring. Too difficult and things are frustrating.

I imagine you understand this, you’ve encountered both extremes in games and get just how difficult it is to get this balance right.

Ever try this game? Too hard. For me anyway. Never finished. Stop trying.
How about this one? Too easy. For me anyway. Beat it once and put it away forever. No replay.

And so I’ve learned to appreciate those times when a quest completely stones us. It is true that we would hate the game if we won all the time. Where is the feeling of satisfaction? Where is the job well done? If the game was as simple as

  1. Enter Quest
  2. Profit

Then none of us would still be playing. None of us.

So I don’t really mind those times like last night where my Gamer Girl and I utterly failed at Precious Cargo on Epic Elite. I don’t. Sure, I am out two raise cakes and four major mana potions. Sure, my Gamer Girl spent equivalent resources to no avail.

But that’s okay. We had a good plan. It was working. We sidestepped almost all of the combat in the quest.

But not all of it, and we just couldn’t figure out how to get these two specific characters (ranger and control wizard) through those combats that couldn’t be avoided. Over and over we came up with angles to try out and had them fail utterly.

I can stand against only one guy at a time on EE without healer support, and I just can’t figure out how to get consistent healer support from our newly-modified hirelings. Sometimes I get healing, sometimes I don’t, and last night was a continuing exercise in how not to get it.

Some quests have always been harder on the hirelings than others, maybe this is one of those? I don’t know.

Similarly, my Gamer Girl’s control wizard had difficulties with the Marauders. So much spell resistance. So much. She has a 50 spell penetration DC and it was well short of what she really needed. Nor was she getting any love from her hireling Andaro.

Lack of crowd control coupled with lack of healer support is a bad combination. And so we failed, utterly, over and over, until bedtime beckoned and we had to pack it in.

No success this time. We failed. But we will succeed. We will.

Sure, we spent two hours of our time in there and can never get that back. But so what? This is one of the two or three hardest quests in the game! On Epic Elite at that! And we will beat it. Next time (or the time after that, or at least, some day) we will beat it and just imagine the glory!

It will be glorious.


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  1. Tomorrow: World domination. Yes, it can be a great motivation to fail. And a lot of fun for when you finally do succeed

  2. “So what are we doing tonight, Brain? -Same thing we do every night, Pinky – TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

    Yeah, ‘Andy’ can be a bit flaky (OK, OK – ALL of them can be, at times). Assuming you haven’t, try switching him from ‘defensive’ to ‘passive’, then back. That seems to help (anecdotally, at least)

  3. So what I got was hirelings are still pretty much the way they always were. Yes?

    • Yes, “except” – now you can turn on/off the specific actions such as “attack” and the hot-barred stuff so (in theory) they will no longer perform those actions on their own (you can still specifically tell them to do them, though).

      In theory.

      Unfortunately, you cannot turn off ALL their available options (you know – they ones they have but you can’t see because they are not hot-barred). Found that out “the hard way”.

  4. I generally consider [MMO] games are for wasting time, so whether a quest wastes 5min or 2hr, who cares?

    So, playing these games too efficiently becomes a contradiction in terms: efficient time wasting.

    (I also think some of these efficient people don’t get a lot of fun out of games, either.)

    • Personally speaking, I’d rather a quest last, at most, 60 minutes. Any longer and I feel like I might die of boredom.

  5. Great attitude! Just failed a low level quest and was happy for it!

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