Mar 142012

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Remember the Rakshasa we first encountered in Gianthold? Tatty chainmail, wooden expressions …. not pushovers, not by any means, but not anything scary enough to populate your nightmares either.

Guess what? They’re a little different in the Update 13 content. In the same way Bruce Banner is a little different when he gets angry.

These Rakshasa aren’t the dapper intellectuals illustrated in the original Monster Manual, these feline powerhouses look ready to rip your group apart. As they should, seeing as how they are demons.

Monster Manual Rakshasa

Old-school Rakshasa use their subtle brilliance to steal your soul before you even realize it’s gone.

Gianthold Rakshasa

Gianthold Rakshasa mean well, they want your soul, really they do, but lack the ability to do very much about it.

The new Rakshasa tell you they are coming for your soul, in advance, and dare you to stop them.


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  1. I noticed that in the new U13 quests. Back in the Vale or in Gianthold, I’d just stride casually up to one with my Monk and give him an extreme Jade makeover to quickly finish him off.

    In the precursor quests to the Menace from the Underdark, yeah, the Rakshasas have a bit more attitude. They still drop to the floor fast a light Monk’s punches like a bag of rocks, but they seemed a little less squishy and definitely more menacing. Don’t want to run into them with anything less than a competent fighter.

  2. The backwards hands just kind of freak me out. A little.

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