Jan 062010

Exterminate is a 32-point build that is STR-based, self-reliant, and has decent evasion ability too.
This is my only warforged (other than bankspace mules). After playing so many halflings, the sheer size of the avatar requires significant mental adjustment. Especially when fighting halfling and gnome opponents; I have to swivel the camera to find them – or just swing blindly and hope.

The character features the Bladesworn Juggernaut enhancement available to WF paladins. I now know that activating the enhancement makes you immune to healing. I still use it, but “immune to healing” means you really have to pick your spots.

The build is a slow starter, and the first few levels featured a whole lot of miss/miss/miss. But he has really come into his own since 8th level. Greater BAB and a decent weapon helped, but so did the extra practice at using his Smites efficiently. He may now be the most effective 10th level character I’ve had

What do you think?

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