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Brickie Lee
I probably should not be surprised that the name “Bricky” was taken.
But I am. Regardless, meet Brickie Lee

Bricky Lee is a tabletop D&D character with a long and twisted story. I can’t recreate her in DDO, at least not in any way accurately, but for the first time I can get close enough to consider trying.

This will make more sense when you understand the character. Hang on, this will get weird, but here we go:

At that time in my life, I could do a passable Philadelphia patois. Or as the locals would say, “Yo, Fulluffya!” I was in a weekly gaming group and needed a character, something different, and came up with the idea of Brick, a Philly biker with low-level “connections”, who spent his career running errands and providing muscle for the Scarfo family. He aged, retired to Florida, and eventually died, only to find himself mysteriously transported to a fantasy world where his underworld skills prepared him quite nicely to be a rogue.

Except he was a Sprite. A tattooed foul-mouth biker Sprite with maxed-out Intimidate. Tiny but scary.

Brick was awesomely fun to play. His Bluff and other streetwise skills made him exceptionally useful. In combat he was no tank, but he could dual-wield tiny daggers (“Yo, you show me da wiseguy from sout’ Philly dat don’t know his way aroun’ a knife”), not really much damage, if I remember correctly they each did 1D2 damage, but combined with sneak attacks and back stab multipliers, he could contribute meaningfully in a fight.

But like every character in this campaign, he eventually had some bad luck and ran out of hit points. Out came the dreaded Reincarnation Box, our twisted Dungeon Master’s way to thoroughly reboot your beloved character.

Brick came out of the box a Dryad. A tattooed foul-mouthed biker Dryad so beautiful to behold that any man seeing her nude had to save or die. Adapting as best he could, I mean, “she” could, she changed her name to Bricky Lee, kept the daggers and the rogue skills, but now was a Druid and began advancing on the Druid experience table.

Now that we’ve “met” Bricky Lee, let’s do her up DDO style.

Dual-wielded daggers, check, that is easy, although daggers are not popular because they are such crappy melee weapons. Nonetheless, dual daggers it is. At least they will be cheap on the Auction House. And she can swap in a kukri or two and still be within the character vision.

Rogue/Druid? Check, something I could not do during most of my DDO play but was made possible via Menace of the Underdark.

Tattoos and chains? Not possible in DDO until Shadowfell Conspiracy, but very easy now: Shadar Kai. Plus I’ve been wanting to check them out, this will be an excellent excuse.

For details, well, how does one make an effective rogue/druid? There is not a lot of synergy here. Feats will be a problem too. I am thinking max DEX, high WIS and CON, decent INT, anything leftover in CHA. All the TWF feats, filling any leftover slots with spellpower enhancement feats. Rogue skills, spellpower, healing. Enhancements from the Assassinย  and Seasons Herald trees and the Shadar Kai racial tree.

Yeah something like that.

I’m going to create her on Wayfinder, a server where I have never earned favor, so I can check out what happens to her as she earns her first 100 favor. I remember it was something special but I forget exactly what and need details for the Favor articles I’ve been writing .

I love building characters, and I’ve been waiting to build this one for a long time.

This is going to be fun!

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  1. Can’t wait to see how she turns out ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Should certainly be interesting – and though daggers may not be the best around, remember assassins get knife specialisation at tier5 which is +1 crit range & mutiplier, making them somewhat more useful… and there are some nice named ones around too – for most non-bosses, dual wielding the mighty sacrificial daggers can dish out a lot of negs in a short time.

  3. The first 100 favor on a server nets you a total of 100 TP, which I believe is 25 each at 5, 25, 50 and 100, rather than just 25 at 100. Not sure there’s anything else.

    And damn, she looks bad-ass! The only multi-class iconic I’ve tried so far is a cleric/paladin on Cannith who’s shaping up to be Gimp of the Year. After reading this, I want to try twisting a Shadar Kai. Maybe with druid, maybe something else. They’re so much fun to look at, they can’t help but be fun to play.

    Also, I grew up in the Philly suburbs. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • So youse knows yer way aroun’ a knife too den? Or was youse in one o’ dem fancy places like Bala Cynwood or King Of Prussia or sumtin?

      • Haha, I was a bit further out, in Bucks County. But when I was about 12, I did see a guy get stabbed on a street corner while my family was on the way to a hockey game, so I’ve at least witnessed somebody who knew ‘is way aroun’ a knife.

        I also grew up saying “wooder” for “water” and “kawfee” for “coffee.” ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. There was a lively debate on the DDO Forums that discussed gear options for the Shadar Kai, but it was removed. Most posters felt that this was the best armor with +10 Will Save, http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Parasitic_Breastplate

    The post was removed during weapon discussion. I did try the Turbulent Epee and it works great when the Risk and Reward daggers fall short.

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