Dec 072009

Brymn is a 32-point build with maximized WIS and a dash of STR, DEX and CON. He likes to fight, but really he is built to heal.
Brymn Haversack
This is his third incarnation. The first attempt was based on my PnP character, a rogue/cleric multiclass. I couldn’t make the numbers work (I only had 28-point builds back then) and gave up before he reached 8th level.

I rerolled him as a fighter/cleric but that too proved tough to do well. When another player told me “When Brymn is alive he’s pretty bad ass” – and meant it as a compliment – I realized it was time to give into the inevitable and roll him up as a pure healer.

Sadly for Brymn, his player is just not a very good cleric. Brymn is built well but I simply cannot get the hang of using him efficiently. When I play him several days in a row, my cleric skills improve, sometimes even approaching competence. But it never lasts.

We used to refer to him as the “worst cleric on the server”, but have since encountered some truly abysmally-played clerics. Poor Brymn may still be in the bottom ten though.

What do you think?

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