Evil Schemes

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Nov 192011

Evil Schemes

My evil genius intellect guarantees nothing can go wrong!

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  1. Ah…fond memories…Misery’s Peak….PFFFFT. Who am I kidding? First guild I ever joined was a permadeath guild and level 8 is the furthest I ever got, ran Misery a million times. Now I just finished running Korthos on E/H/N to start a bravery streak with ANOTHER wizard(will be first PM) and Misery was, of course, the last quest I ran…four times…cause my opener had only run it on normal. I say PFFFFT!! On the other hand, awesome work as usual, and I see you are warming up to the use of the term…Evil. 🙂

  2. dragon caught him monologing

  3. Too much plot exposition, too little shooting the good guy. Like always.

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