Mar 012012

* But were afraid to read in detail.

Wile E. Coyote, Super-Genius
What could possibly go wrong?

I’m trying to cook up a new Artificer build for Sparksy. She’s going to TR into an Artificer the very moment that (1) Turbine fixes reincarnation and (2) I have some idea how to build an Artificer that I will want to keep at end game.

There are certain things we know about the new build already:

  • It will be Halfling
  • It will be designed for party support
  • It will utilize the Rune Arm
  • It will not be a melee build

As you can see this is still too vague to work with. What kind of party support? CC? Buffs? Heals? Does the Rune Arm use mean I am making a ranged DPS character?

I had this initial concept of some sort of bad-ass ranged casting character that carried a lot of clickies and magic items for party support and could blast enemies from a distance using the Rune Arm and a selection of Artificer-enhanced wands.

In retrospect the idea of a dedicated wand blaster seems kind of kooky, like something Wile E. Coyote would dream up and then order from Acme. But but but – yes, three buts for emphasis – Turbine has been adding all these epic wands lately, and Artificers have special wand abilities.

So asked a couple of questions on the forums that I thought would help me shape the build. The thread explicitly answers all of the crunchy details about Artificers and magic item use. Especially wands but all magic items.Β  You can check it out here.

An Artificer can cast with a wand or scroll or clicky better than any other class. But still nowhere close to the level that a caster (arcane or divine) can cast that same spell directly. This is good for buffs and remedies (and maybe heals?) because item use requires no spell points. But it is bad for anything else, really bad.

Back to the drawing board. Again.
Me and Wile E. Coyote. Back to the drawing board

The end result: wand and scroll use is just as lightweight at end game with an Artificer as it is with any other class. Sigh. Shot down in flames.

Someday I will get that Roadrunner! come up with a useful and fun Artificer build!

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  1. I would say build with Max Int and equal part Con and Dex. Dex for shootin’ and CON, for well HP. Eventhough you won’t find many arti spells needing a DC, being able to knock down critters with prismatic strike and tactical detonation is very useful.

    Keep in mind that the rune arm gets power from both enhancement line AND items. So if you want to max out damage of say a acid rune arm add acid enhancement as well as a item (the challenge boots being a excellent source). The same goes for crit.

    At level 17 (my Arti) it’ll crit for 400+ per acid bolt (Glorious obscenity). And since you have high int you’ll have plenty of skill point to dish out on open locks, disable devices and most importantly; UMD. And since Arti’s get a bonus on using scrolls it’ll be easy enough to get high enough UMD to be able to use any type scroll.

    A must for self healing Arti’s.

    1 point on scrolls/and wands is enough. That’s 30% icreased effectiveness which is plenty. I get close to 200HP per heal scrolls as is.

  2. 1. You can still do it but you need to restrict yourself to certain niche wands: PK, for example. In epics PK is great. For this you need past lives – spell pen (3x wiz, 3x FvS). Some other lives that affect wand DC would be good-ish.

    2. Arti CC is useful in epics when the SR is so crazy that the wizard can’t do it. Like the new content with drow. MY CC lands surprisingly well on the drow casters. Prismatic or tactical detonation.

  3. “Wile E. Coyote – Super Genius.”

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