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Skill Tome barter window
Knicker contemplates which skill to boost

This is kind of old news now but the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pre-order incentives include “Skill Tomes”.* A skill tome is a consumable that permanently increases one skill for the character that reads it.

Technically you do not actually get skill tomes. You get … I don’t know what to call them, skill tome seeds? … that when double-clicked open up a barter window like the one shown above. You then swap your “seed” for the specific tome you wish. Except UMD which is not available to these “seeds”.

Depending on exactly what you pre-order, you may receive a +1 skill tome, a +2 skill tome, or one of the above plus two +3 skill tomes, for each character you have.

Skill tomes are “bind to character”, meaning you can’t swap a bunch of them to one character to build a super-character. Not that +3 to every skill would make a super-character, but still, you cannot do it.

Skill tomes do not stack: if you consume two tomes for the same skill, you receive only the highest bonus of the two you’ve consumed; the lower bonus is wasted. On the other hand, the bonus lasts through reincarnation; once you have it, you have it forever.

Skill tomes are also available in the DDO Store individually, both in regular and upgrade versions. They cost about 200 Turbine Points per skill point increase. There is only one that boosts the Use Magic Device skill and even that only boosts it by one. UMD is special, and Turbine is preserving it’s specialness.

But back to the “seeds” you get when you buy the expack: the “seeds” do not have a minimum level, you can use them on anyone. But the tomes themselves do, and your lower level characters may end up with tomes that you have to bank until you can consume them.

Which leaves one with the question … what skills do I boost?

Facing facts here, +3 to a skill is not really all that powerful. It is nice, but it isn’t going to make or break anything. Except for a very few characters, like my Hagglebot with Benefits, who’s existence is based around a particular skill. Those few characters will love their new tomes.

Evangelyne Everyone else, eh, they are a nice-to-have but not a requirement. <shrug>

And so, over the last week I have made dozens of skill enhancing choices as I log into various characters for the first time since my Shadowfell purchase.

There are exceptions, but it seems like most of them are getting Balance, either Jump or Spot depending on the character’s current Jump (it caps at 40 and is easily boosted with a spell) and one other that is specific to the character. My cleric gets Concentration. My barbarian, Intimidation. My wizard, Concentration again. Etc.

The only difficult choice has been with my rogue, the one character who needs the greatest variety of skills. They are all important to her, picking three out of the list was tough. I settled on Spot, Search and Move Silent but it could have gone a number of different ways.

How are you handling the new tomes? Do you have a skill that you seem to be boosting on all your characters?

Figuring it out is a problem, but it is a good problem to have, right?

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  1. Similar thoughts as you I think. My intim tank, Grypp, got +3 to Intim & Balance, +2 to Jump. My dark monk/fighter has concentration, balance and… dammit I’ve forgotten what I took on the last one πŸ™‚

    But I suspect most will get balance and/or jump

    • we all might want to wait to boost skills as I’ve heard the update will change heal and repair. A cleric/Fvs etc will now cast cure/heal spells using the power of their heal skill, and repair/reconstruct spells will use the repair skill. I hope this isn’t the case, but I did hear from someone on Beta that it was being tossed around

  2. All mine got concentration and balance. I got the +3 after I had already used the +2, so only raised 2 skills.

  3. Any skilled person (by that i mean trap skills) Search is most important, you have to find the box b4 you can disable it. Then it varies quickly. Want to say i did open locks and then spot with the +2.

    Almost everyone else that has eaten tomes followed your plan of balance and a main class skill and then haggle for the +2. I tend not to pass to my haggle person like i should. πŸ™

  4. Concentration for my monks, spot & search for my arty, heal for my divines & repair for my arcanes,(pre-empting the whole “spellpower boosted by skills thing in the enhancement pass), then other things where i thought they could come in handy, eg. diplomacy for shiradis, bluff for a druid, etc.

  5. I put the blame for the new problems firmly on the skill tomes shoulders. I f it was’nt for them being re-issued when you used your free lr. We would’nt have had the can’t log in thingy. Having said that i’m very happy my arti got them while the going was good(by accident i add) +3 spot +3 concentration +3 balance +3 search. I forget the 2 +2’s. πŸ™‚

  6. Now I don’t know if it occurred to you, but you can not get a skill that you can not normally get. I found this out by accident. I clicked on pick lock for a skill tome I bought with TP for my pure fighter… When I read it, I didn’t get any skill in pick lock. I am sure that the description did not say anything about you having the skill available in order for you to use it. Oh well…

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