Nov 122011

Knowing is half the battle!

The other half of the battle involves
extreme violence

Okay here’s the deal with guild renown: it’s complicated. There are a lot of rules as to how it works, and a lot of exceptions to those rules.

As any child of the 80’s can tell you (or anyone who had a child in the 80’s), knowing is half the battle!

But you don’t have to care! You can just learn one simple guideline and then go about your regular DDO business*.

* If you are a guild leader who is determined to bring her/his guild up to level 60+, then you need to learn all of the wrinkles, in detail. You are the 1%.

True: After level 25, guilds take a renown hit (called “decay”) every day. The hit gets harder as the guild gets higher level.

True: If you have any characters in the guild, your account counts against the guild and makes the decay hit harder. If you are in multiple guilds, you are counted against all of them.

True: Even if you don’t play those characters, you still count if you are playing any characters, because decay is calculated against the account and not against the character.

Solution: If you earn 1000 renown in a week you will more than counter your drain on guild renown.

For most guilds and most characters, that’s it. 1000 renown per week, for each guild you are in. Even a mule character can do that, generally it is a simple as a run through Irestone Inlet. 1000 renown means success and happiness all around.

Exception: At the highest levels, somewhere around level 60, your guild may require more from you, but a guild that gets to those higher levels is also likely to be good about communicating expectations.

You can easily track your total guild renown contribution.

  1. Open your social panel
  2. Switch to the Guild tab
  3. Using your mouse, hover over the Renown leveling bar

Click for full-size image
Click for full-size image

You’ll get a small dialog popup showing the total amount of renown you’ve earned for this guild. Coin has some work to do!

Guild levels, like sand,
Disappear and become dust
Without new renown

So don’t let them wither. Go get your 1000 renown. It’s easy!

Happy guild leveling!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Knowing – 50%
    Red Lazers – 25%
    Blue Lazers – 25%

  2. Oh boy… Vacations are gonna be fun when my guild hits 25. Haha. Mmm… Extreme violence. Suddenly I have the urge to run Purge the Heretics a few more times. =D

  3. Knowing is half the battle!

    The other half is having actual names and individual looks rather than being a bunch of peons all dressed in masks so they don’t even get their own hair color.

    And overwhelming force and surprise don’t hurt.

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