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DDOGamer Editorial Guidelines

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first-ever editorial discussion at

Now that most of the audience has left, let’s the rest of us talk. Seriously. As much as I hate being serious on this site, or for that matter, in general.

Here is the important part of this discussion: Everyone is welcome to write DDO articles for this site. Everyone. All you have to do is ask, and I will grant you author privileges, the process is fast, and often you can be writing on the same day you make the request.

The Rules

(1) This is a DDO blog

I don’t care what you write, but it should be about DDO in some vague way, or your life as a DDO player, or contrasting DDO to other DDO-like games, etc. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, I suppose it would be okay if you only wanted to write about dating, or tabletop gaming, or even yoghurt. But no one comes here to read about yoghurt (as far as I know, maybe yoghurt readers are a very silent majority?) and DDO-related topics are preferred. Not required, but preferred.

(2) The blog uses an image-based format

Every article should have an image. Several of the writers here have not provided images of their own, and I have been happy to create images for them. I can create one for you too. I don’t mind, in fact I kind of like the image creation process πŸ™‚

Posting Guidelines

Now that the rules are settled, and I hope you will note how few and non-restrictive they are, we can talk about posting guidelines and frequency.

  • Some people have posted here once and then never again and that is completely okay
  • Some people post rarely, really rarely, and that is okay too
  • Some people have posted blurbs here that actually point to articles on their own blog sites and that is okay as well
  • Some people post here regularly and that is not only okay, it is my favorite

Post here every day if you like, I post every weekday (but then I have to have a lot of quantity to make up for lack of quality). Every day, more than once a day, no number of posts is too many.

So even the guidelines do not talk about what to post, only when. There is a reason for that.

Editing and Content

I’ve never had to write this down but it is sort of implied, that when one invites other people to write on their site, they are going to get contrasting opinions. One should not only expect that, one should be totally okay with it, because after all you did invite everyone.

So just to be clear, contrasting opinions are totally okay. You are welcome to write here even if you never agree with me about anything. Encouraged to do so in fact.

I do not exercise editorial control. Well, that is not totally true, I will add an image if you do not supply one, and I will add a “continue reading” break if your article is longer and does not already include one. Also, I may mess with your choice of categories.

But that is all. I don’t edit your work, and I don’t censor it either. Say whatever you like.

Really? I Can Write Anything?

Yes and please do. But (and there must be a but), it is possible you could write something that will cause this site damage in terms of hate speech, illegal harassment, or copyright violations. If that happens, I may have to disable your post. If that keeps happening, I may have to disable your authoring privileges.

But that is a very, very low bar. Don’t write hate speech, don’t illegally harass people, don’t post copyrighted material, and I will leave your stuff alone.


Oops I forget something else that I would have to disable: spam and advertising. Please do feel free to promote your own work here! Please do not feel free to sell product here!

While I am not running any ads here yet, this site is not free; my income and expenses allow me to host the site without ads and I would like to continue to do so into the future. But I may add advertising someday, and if I do, I want to have the only ads on my site.

So… no hate speech, no harassment, no copyright violations, no spam, and no ads. That still seems like a very, very low bar.

But What If I Am Really Annoying?

I suppose it is theoretically possible that someone could regularly write articles that I find so un-enjoyable that it makes it un-fun for me to continue hosting this site. I do this because I like it, because I like DDO, because I like writing, because I like the process of sharing with everyone. Make it un-fun enough and I suppose I will stop.

Personal attacks are a specific type of post that I always find to be un-fun, whether directed at me or at others. You have a whole internet that is largely okay with labeling and attacking everyone; go there if you must, but please don’t do it on my site.

By the way, “noob” is usually a personal attack. So is “fanboi”. And for that matter, so is “dickhead”, “asshole”, and other more common pejoratives. All the same, and all treated the same. Although I think “Glasshole” is kind of funny (sorry Google Glass wearers).

I can imagine a world where I see this (un-fun and/or personal attacks) happening with one or two specific posts, or comments, or authors, and I would rather address the issue by deleting posts or comments rather than shutting down the site.

I say “imagine a world” but it is only in theory, in reality I am a big boy, all grown up, with a thick skin. You would have to work at it to annoy me so badly that I have to muck with your post/comment. But it could happen and if so, I will, but I will do so publicly so that you know what happened and why. I will never change someone’s words. If I feel that something is so inappropriate that it requires intervention, I will publicly delete it, not secretly change it.

I am the final arbiter of what requires intervention. I and my conscience.

Isn’t This a Fanboi Site?

No, it is a fan site. Meaning, I am a fan of the game. I write from a fan perspective. If I ever was offended by a change in the game, or behavior of the game developers, I would stop being a fan of the game. I would stop playing it. And I would stop writing about it.

I am not the type to publish a bunch of rants, because I just don’t feel all that ranty. And if I did, I would simply move on (probably after a long “I Quit” post). Why play a game that makes you angry?

It is not all rainbows and unicorns, I apply constructive criticism, but I strive to be actually constructive. Also, I am an upbeat person in general (or at least so my Gamer Girl tells me), and I look at things from an upbeat point of view.

But that is just me. You can rant all you want. Remember to leave the personal attacks out of it.

A Recap

  • Do post about DDO
  • Do include an image
  • Do feel encouraged to disagree with me and with each other
  • Do not post or comment hate speech
  • Do not post or comment illegal harassment
  • Do not post or comment copyrighted material
  • Do not post or comment personal attacks
  • Do not post or comment advertisements or spam

Or as Jim Rome used to say it, “have a take and don’t suck”.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  13 Responses to “Everyone Can Post Here, Even If We Disagree. But Read the Small Print.”

Comments (13)
  1. Not that I post on here, but it sounds fair to me πŸ™‚

    (dammit I used ‘fan boy’ on my last blog, now I feel bad.. )

  2. I don’t even blog here and I feel scolded … πŸ˜‰

    I like to read Geoff’s ramblings in the middle of the night, I can pretend I’m being productive πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks Geoff. I appreciate you letting me (and everyone else, but I can’t really speak for them) write/blog/vent and otherwise share our thoughts about all things DDO related.

    I’ll gladly fess up and state that it was one of my posts, that started things tat got us to this post. For everyone ese, I freely admit that the post in question, which lead to some comments, probably came across a bit ranty. For me it helped clear my thoughts and put things into perspective, even if it didn’t show in the post. It was kind of cathartic, I got some stuff off my chest, so that I could put them behind me and see the new content through clear eyes. Same thing with another of my posts.

    I am a fan of the game and the team, not a yes man or fanboi. There is a huge difference. I like the game, but I can and will be critical when I think it is warranted.

    Thanks agian Geoff.

  4. This is great! You should put it under Creative Commons and let others use this, as this would cover just about any community-based blog site I can imagine. πŸ™‚

    FYI, if you like Glasshole, they also call people in MA Massholes (typically said by Rhode Islanders and people from other bordering states.) Which I think is kind of funny as well.

    • Thank you Jerry! Your opinion is most welcome.

      How would I go about Creative Commonsing it? Just find the CC licensing text and paste it in?

  5. Who’s Jim Rome?

  6. Please don’t feel scolded. No one has posted (or commented) anything that I felt I had to delete yet. Except spam, I get that a lot, and I delete all of it.

    I just got to wandering what would require me to intervene, and how I would know, and how I would do it in such a way that no one felt restricted or censored. And as often happens, things I spend time thinking about end up here as topics.

    I really do welcome dissent. And rants – or at least those that avoid personal attacks. I am not much of a ranter but I would never mean to discourage anyone else from venting their spleen (and what a strange idiom that is. Wouldn’t venting your spleen be fatal?). Rant every day if you are so inclined.

    I appreciate everyone who writes here and I hope you all continue. DDO is better for having a place where everyone can say whatever they need to say.

  7. Eight tidy reminders from our own often over-extended files of common sense. Stress and the need to blow off steam happen and this is a nice reminder of how a “better world” can or should perform. Breath, count to…… Btw, Owlbear song has entered the queue. Your nod of approval to-submit should come late Sept/early Oct. ps. Your post may have Draaged me in, will be in touch.

    • I think excitement is currently outweighting dread when it comes to anticipating the Owlbear song.

      It is close though. πŸ™‚

  8. I try to blog about my comical weekends. Sorry that my time on other games makes those parts short. Ill try to ramble more about ddo in my blogs. Or maybe ill just say ddo at random intervals! πŸ™‚

    • Mizz, as the Empress of DDO you are welcome to blog about anything you like. Nor do you need to worry about adding any more random to your posts. There is enough already πŸ™‚

      LOL see what I did there?

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