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Big weapons. But not exotic.
Giant, Two-Handed, Unique. But never Exotic.

I have two weird habits. No that’s not right, I have dozens of weird habits, maybe hundreds, but two that I am choosing to talk about right now.

  1. I mentally associate each of my characters with a weapon and from then on, only give them that weapon
  2. I hate doing what everyone else is doing

Because of habit one, I have a long list of characters that are, for the most part, each carrying weapons that are unique to them. It makes it easy to distribute loot: if I get a longsword, it is for Brymn. If I get a scimitar, it is for Cutlass. Etc.

  • Beatifica, Angelic Favored Soul: Falchion
  • Brymn, Incompetent Cleric: Longsword
  • Chelena, Strategy Fighter: Maul
  • Coin, Hagglebot Sorceror: Shortswords
  • Cutlass, Tanking Paladin/Fighter: Scimitars
  • Diabolica, Evil Favored Soul: Quarterstaff
  • Ejecta, Enchanter Archmage: Daggers
  • Evangelyne, Trapsmith Rogue: Rapiers
  • Exterminate, DPS Fighter/Paladin: Greatsword
  • Knicker, Frenzied Barbarian: Dwarven Axes
  • Mawry, Completionist: Rapiers
  • Oriental, Monk/Wizard: Handwraps
  • Rancyd, Bard: Heavy Repeater
  • Sparksy, Casting-Focused Artificer: Rune Arm and Heavy Repeater

Only a couple of repetitions in the entire list. Of course, this is my Sarlona list, but even on other servers I tend to construct and associate characters the same way:

  • Child of Murder, Khyber Assassin: Rapiers
  • Pantera, Cannith Arcane Archer: Longbows
  • Roland, Cannith Fighter: Warhammers

Because of habit two, none of them “specialize” in khopeshes or greataxes. I meant to create a khopesh character and a great axe character but I just never got around to it. I don’t want characters with too much overlap between their styles regardless of weapons: I don’t need another two-handed-fighting character just so I can give it a great axe. I’d need some other compelling reason to create a new and different THF character first; the great axe assignment would come second.

This probably costs me some DPS. But it saves me some plat at the auction house since these weapons are in the highest demand, and saves a feat on my two-weapon-fighting builds as well since no one is using anything that requires Exotic Weapons.

Except poor Rancyd the Bard. Plinking away with the only exotic weapon feat-requiring assignment in the group. There has to be an outlier, right?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I do this too, although maybe not quite to that extent. But I have been known to roll up a character simply because I want someone to give Dwarven Axes to, for example.

  2. I do similar for myself. I have a strong preference to playing the weaker races and I like building DPS style toons especially TWF builds. Scimitars go to the elves, short swords & rapiers to my drow. I’ve often received comments that my builds are all wrong and should be this that or the other. My survivability and killing ability speak for themselves.

    Very rarely do I opt for an exotic weapon and thence usually only on a human toon and use the bonus feat for that.

    I think it great for toons to have character, and a weapon preference adds to that. Kudos to you.

  3. The only exotic I use is on my dorfen ranger, who duals DAxes. But for him, it’s not an exotic weapon, so it doesn’t count, right? And he uses nothing BUT DAxes to melee; even his ooze-beaters (coruscating of everbright) and undead-including-skelly-beaters (coruscating of disruption… recently TWINNED – using the same graphical model – rather than simply paired). He simply refuses to use bludgeon. He never even picked up a bow until about L17, using a Dorfen Tosser, I mean Dwarven Thrower, to range.

    My dorfen barbs (one’s really a monk, but going through a PL) use greataxes. I mean, dwarves, axes, it simply FITS (plus, the monk was able to use the non-monk’s hand-me-downs to a large extent). So far they use throwing axes, but mainly ’cause they can’t borrow my ranger’s BTC L16.3 Elemental Longbow of the Earth with Screaming & PG crafted on it.

    My bard loves longswords and tries very hard to use them exclusively, but she’s willing to switch for proper flavor – like her current main Shrieking of PG morningstar. Though she’s still on the lookout for a longsword version. The shortsword version she saw simply didn’t cut it, and it wasn’t the slightly less damage since it had an extra point of Enhancement, so it averaged out the same… but what few melee weapons she has are all either longswords or morningstars. Ranged, she prefers longbows, even though it requires taking off one of her HP items (the Tharaask Bracer) for the Windhowler Bracer. She flirted with crossbows briefly, but that was a failed experiment.

    My monk’s next life, I’m seriously contemplating that “River Tam” build, though I may go more fighter than barb (also might go for a ranger life there)… and I’m liking the idea of a great crossbow-wielding Jayne build fighter life. The Kaylee life, despite her being a mechanic, I suspect will instead go bard. My current bard, I keep saying “buffs, sings, and then finds a corner to hide in” so that would work nicely for Kaylee lol (On the other hand, she did use a crossbow in the movie, and was pretty damned kick-ass after being promised sex…) Maybe Inara will be the bard life…

    I absolutely refuse to use khopeshes. Simply refuse. I will NEVER use a khopesh. If somebody gave me a BTA named khopesh that broke every kind of DR in the game, gave khopesh proficiency, had a naturally-extended crit profile (rather than being keen, so IC stacked with it), and insta-killed rednames… I *might* consider using it. Maybe. But probably not

  4. I have too many characters to not have a lot or repeats, and my lowbies tend to just use whatever has handy traits on it (one ghost touch, one good weapon, one that does good dps etc…) High level characters tend to settle in on a weapon type if they are a melee or non-humans.

    I do limit use of certain exotics. So I only have one bastard sword user and two kopesh users and don’t plan on making more. I also have quite a few monk variations that use handwraps or quarterstaves.

    Casters are pot luck. They tend to have some generically handy weapon and then some insta kill stuff like a disruption or banisher.

    I do store weapons like this though, each character is assigned to mule a certain type of item so I know where to go look for it when I need one.

  5. I do this as well. I have most of my toons using a specific weapon. I have a dwarven axe TWF dwarf surprise surprise. I have an half orc Khopesh user that is also a TWF. I have a great axe user, Falchion user and maul user. I have a kukri using rogue and my TR toon uses scimitars. I have a few arties that use repeaters as well as a bard.

    I think it makes it easier to give one type of weapon to each character and I don’t make a new one unless I’m using a new weapon type. Like i did just pull a vorpal kama maybe it’s time to make a monk kama TWF. Great post and discussion.

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