Jun 142013

Just a reminder, even though the world can seem so violent and intrusive, even though privacy and liberty are being stretched thin, even so,

Humanity is capable of amazing things.

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  1. Nice. Have you seen the “all nuclear detonations” time compressed video? That’s pretty cool, too.

    And funny you should mention “privacy…being stretched thin” – Yahoo is forcing every current e-mail user over to their new e-mail system (it will be mandatory by sometime in July) and part of that new system includes them actively scanning every e-mail, IM, web search, etc. and compiling all of this data so that they can customize ads for you (yeah, right – that’s the reason). And even though you can opt out of these customized ads, you CANNOT opt out of the active scanner/monitoring/invasion of privacy. You’re only ckoice (currently, though I have seriously considered filing a lawsuit) is to stop using yahoo e-mail, messenger, et. al. {This is no joke – read the fine print, people….)

    So it looks like I’ll be migrating over (“full time”, so to speak) to my gmail account.

  2. google already does all that

    Look up PGP / GPG. Let them try and spy that.

  3. Hehehe – yes, I know Google does that (it was a joke).

    I’ll take a look at PGP/GPG. Thanks!

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