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Now that goggles are a visible part of the character image, I became very curious about how the various eyepieces look when equipped. Some of them have rather wild images in the focus orb display (see Dream Visor), but as it turns out the most interesting focus orb images are not represented in actual view. On the other hand, some goggles that seemed rather mundane are in fact quite different when viewed (I am looking at you, Tharnes’s Goggles!).

I am missing several images. Please feel encouraged to help me out if you have any of the goggles not yet represented in this listing. I will add any updates here and also to this thread.

General Goggles

As far as I can tell, all randomly-generated loot goggles look like this:

Random Loot Goggles

And all Greensteel goggles look like this:

Greensteel Goggles

Named Goggles

Arcane Goggles Image needed
Archivists Goggles Archivists Goggles
Black Lace Blindfold Black Lace Blindfold
Blessed Goggles Blessed Goggles
Devoted Goggles Devoted Goggles
Dream Visor Dream Visor
Eyes of Charming Image needed
Glimpse of the Soul Glimpse of the Soul
Goggles of Grabbing Image needed
Goggles of Insight Goggles of Insight
Goggles of Inquisition Goggles of the Inquisition
Goggles of Intuition Goggles of Intuition
Goggles of Perception Goggles of Perception
Goggles of Shielding Image needed
Goggles of Time-Sensing Goggles of Time-SensingEpic Goggles of Time-Sensing
Intricate Field Optics Intricate Field Optics
Jewelers Loupe Jeweler's Loupe
Kundarak Delving Goggles Kundarak Delving Goggles
Lenses of Doom Image needed
Lenses of Opportunity Lenses of Opportunity
Magewright’s Spectacles Image needed
Mentau’s Goggles Mentau's Goggles
Ornate Goggles Ornate Goggles
Raven’s Sight Raven's Sight
Sandstorm Goggles Sandstorm Goggles
Spectacles of Spirit Sight Spectacles of Spirit SightEpic Spectacles of Spirit Sight
Spectacular Optics Image needed
Tharnes Goggles Tharne's Goggles
Tinker’s Goggles Tinker's Goggles
Trapblast Goggles Trapblast Goggles
Troubleshooter’s Goggles Troubleshooter's Goggles
Visor of Concentration Image needed
Visor of the Flesh Render Guards Visor of the Flesh Render Guards
Wolfinson’s Monocular Enhancer Wolfinson's Monocular Enhancer

Here’s looking at you kid!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You’d think they’d make the ones with the unique focus orb images at least sort of match them, wouldn’t you?

  2. What I’m really waiting for is the Othar Tryggvassen (Gentleman Adventurer!) goggles


  3. Hey, this is a cool idea. Victaurya has the Jeweler’s Loupe, they’re just sitting in her bank right now so I’ll dig them out and get you a screenshot. I’ll have to check which of my toons has which Korthos goggles.

  4. Othar would be good. Being able to display both hat and goggles at the same time, as well as wearing a top hat and monocle skin, would be better.

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