Nov 162015
Four Drops Short

Four Drops Short

… but every death does not have it’s life. With our True Hearts of Reincarnation we cut our threads to what-was(we never forget to pack our passives)and move on to what will-be. I’ve never been able to resolve the meta side of the whole process; live, die, live, die etc, etc. Always returning to the same point in time, always exiting at the same point in time. But it doesn’t mean I don’t try! 🙂

The image above is one example of story bringing life and thus a memory, to death. Every Heroic TR that Luedwig has ever lived results in a story and an image and a how-he-died. The death which came at the end of his Paladin life was actually the result of a faulty Black Market heart. The story, in prose and song, aired on DDOcast a few years ago. The image above represents an artist’s recreation of Luedwig’s Hanging, at the Tree of Woe. He was bled out; one drop at a time. The tree is found above the Ghosts of Perdition quest in the Orchard if you don’t already know.

The hows and whys behind Luedwig’s hanging is for another time. Know this; His death was long, it was painful and in the end, it was an empty death. Empty is what happens when the idiot assigned to the sacrifice allows you to bleed out, four drops short.

The lyrics that lay over the artist’s interpretation of the hanging are pulled from a piece currently in progress that addresses the fact that eventually I will reach my “last” Heroic TR and will need to put all my past lives to proper use in some kind of “real” build. Robert Johnson at the Crossroads, where he makes a deal with the Devil might be a close analogy to what I’m after in the lyrics but it falls short at the Meta-man representing the Devil. 😉

It has always been my plan to apply a real build sometime after my scheduled lives were completed and the real level cap arrived. Time will tell if I actually have the ability to follow, let alone choose a build.

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  1. The reason behind the hanging intrigues me. Very well done! I’d like to see a lot more of your writing. It’s unique.

  2. I only remember the lives, not the deaths. I lack imagination.

  3. Tholgrin is currently reborn into the exact same build, over and over, just a little better each time. A Bill Murray, if you will.

    Of course, he has no plans to be anything other than pure paladin, all of that Heroic TRing belongs to Uncle Tubbs.

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