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EVE Online is a multi-player game like DDO except it is based in space. There are other differences, too many to list, EVE is an entirely different style of online game. But at heart, they both consist of lots of people logging in to play together and paying a game company for the privilege.

EVE is actually older than DDO, going live in 2003. Among other things, the game is well-known for having hosted what is generally considered to be the largest PvP battle of any game, ever, when more than 6000 players went at it for 21 hours, costing themselves an estimated $300,000 real-life dollars worth of in-game position damage.

Image result for eve online monument“Hi Boss”, (one assumes someone must have said), “sorry, can’t make it in today, the Alliance is making a play for our space station”.

And now EVE is famous for something else too: a monument. To its players. Not an in-game memorial, but a real honest-to-goodness monument in real life. The monument is in Reyjkavik, Iceland, where the game started. It is big: 15′ tall, made of stone and metal, and very visible, sited next to the harbor.

Apparently they installed this monument in 2014 as part of their 10-year anniversary. I am just slow to hear about these things.

The two stone monoliths represent the main game alliances. There is a shiny metal tower between them, no idea what that represents, but also  the names of everyone playing the game as of March 2014 are engraved into the monument base. Not sure if those are real names, I imagine it is in-game names, but … either way, pretty cool. The game company even released a name-finding tool so you can find your own name on that massive piece of stone.

Pretty damn cool indeed.

All of the names of EVE players as of 3/2014There is a time capsule buried under the monument – a laptop, with videos and digital game files. They plan to dig it up again in 25 years. That must be some laptop!

I have to admit I am a bit jealous of the EVE players. It is one thing to say how important your players are, and another thing entirely to build a freaking monument to them.

Here is a quote from a Polygon article written by an EVE player shortly after the monument was revealed:

It’s inevitable that one day the servers will go down, and it’s impossible to write a complete history of Eve; the world is simply too large and the politics are ever-changing. But here is proof that the game exists, and it’s a reminder that the players create it as much as the developers. It’s a way for CCP to show players that they were there, they matter, and they built something. Together.

I wonder what a DDO player monument would look like. It would be in the Boston area, obviously, and be more fantastic/less futuristic.

But I am only dreaming. Warner Brothers no longer even supports the game at conventions, let alone hosting their own and putting money into something that is as completely non-profitable as a statue.

But it is a pretty cool dream, isn’t it?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Too bad the CMOS battery will melt the motherboard…

  2. I’m not a founder, but perhaps the Founder’s Fountain could be recreated somewhere 🙂

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