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Corrections!As often happens when I am writing something, I make mistakes.* Most of what I write here is not really of value anyway, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was at least an accurately-written waste of your time? Instead of being wrong as well as taking up several minutes of your life that you will never get back?

* This happens in my real life too. One can tell when I am saying something that is probably wrong by checking to see if my lips are moving. If they are, I am probably wrong.

Fortunately we have the Comments section so people who actually know what they are talking about have an opportunity to provide the accuracy that I am so desperately missing.

And they do.

Here are the most recent corrections of things I missed, or misstated, or just flat out got wrong.

Named Loot By Any Other Name

In Too Bad to Use, To Good to Toss, Too Much to Keep I talked about named loot and binding. Poorly, as it turned out. Several readers posted corrections in the post or on the forums.

  • Random loot (especially when low-level end rewards) can be BTC.
  • Some of the newer suffixes and/or prefixes supposedly make weapons BTCoE (note I haven’t seen this yet myself)
  • Some named items are BTC (Ring of Trollish Regeneration, Mysterious Bauble, etc.)
  • Some raid loot is BTA. Chronosphere loot mainly (or exclusively?)

Level 19 is not so bad after all

In 19 is the Loneliest Number I wrote about how level 18 and 19 are the new black holes of leveling, and especially level 19.

1halfelf points out that there are a lot of level 19 quests, 37440 XP worth in fact, and included a compiled list. Here it is:

  • A New Invasion
  • Bastion of Power
  • Blown to Bits
  • Eye of the Titan
  • Genesis Point
  • Mining for Ancient Secrets
  • Murder by Night
  • Power Play
  • Raiding the Giants’ Vault
  • Reclaiming Memories
  • Schemes of the Enemy
  • Sins of Attrition
  • The Master Artificer
  • The Riddle
  • The Weapons Shipment
  • Wrath of the Flame

Dragon Scale Armors

In a post titled Coming Soon: Epic Black, Blue and White Dragonscale Armors, I talked about the new armors coming in Update 17.

Among the other things discussed, I gushed about Blue Dragon Scale because of it’s caster capabilities including Spell Penetration and dissed Black Dragon Scale as something that no one wears in Heroic version and is only incrementally improved in the Epic version.

Several readers point out that Spell Penetration IX is also available on the Planar Erudition set, the Vibrant Purple Ioun stone, and possibly other items. Meanwhile, Lirra points out that Greater Spell Penetration IX is already available on tier 3 alchemical items as well as the Tier 3 Stormreaver’s Tablecloth, also coming in Update 17.

But mainly, reader Thor takes me to task for my casual dismissal of the benefits of Black Dragon Scale, pointing out that it will have 20% Armor Piercing, and how helpful that will be when opposing bosses with fortification. To buttress his point, he includes a list of every boss in the game along with their fortification levels. It is too long a list to include here, but it is very useful information, check it out here.

Spectral Dragons?

Regarding the post DragonDex Bonus: Spectral Dragons, reader ComicRelief points out that Eternity, the spectral dragon of the Mabar festival, shows up in examination windows as type Undead. Maybe it is not a dragon at all?

Thus informed, I checked the spectral dragon in the House Cannith Extraplanar Palace challenges and found that indeed, Auraxyllon is also type Undead.


Epic Raid List was Epically Wrong

Well, maybe not, I’m not sure a list can really be “epically wrong”, but I did miss Lord of Blades and Master Artificer when listing the epic raids in article In a Way, Every Raid is Epic. Let’s Make It Official!. Thank you Singular for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

So there you have it, perfect examples of how badly I need help to accomplish most anything.

Thank you readers, for reading (because that is why I do this) and for writing (because otherwise people would be stuck with whatever incorrect drivel I happen to post).

You all are awesome!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. In all fairness to Geoff, level 19 could still be a desert spot in the garden of quests that Turbine has put into DDO. Some folks, me included, almost never play quests on normal at the level they are intended for. I personally bank XP until I can’t get any more so that I can still play through all the lower level quests.I also try to play on elite for the most part.

    Folks sometimes play quests for different reasons than just XP also (farming anyone?). I find Geoff’s commentary reasonably accurate most of the time, and it’s ALWAYS amusing — a definite worthwhile read.


  2. The BTCoE random loot is any prefix or sufix that applies multiple effects. Lacerating, elemental/school mastery and stuff like that. Thaumaturgy is the only exception. They also have light blue borders.

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