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DDO Prison Server?
Does the Eberron mythos Include a Prison Plane? There is already a battle plane (Shavarath) and a crazy plane (Xoriat). I wonder what we would call a prison plane? Definitely need some help from Keith Baker on this one.

This is not all just idle speculation; Eberron may need a prison plane. Or more accurately, DDO may need a prison server, and it would need a name too, right? Like Sarlona or Orien except a giant prison.

But I may be jumping ahead. Let’s roll back to last week, when Daybreak Games announced that Everquest II would open and use a “prison server”.

Wait, what? A prison server? What even is that?

According to EQII developer Windstalker, a prison server would work like this:

Ultimately, players who are caught breaking our rules and disrupting EQ2 live server gameplay will be flagged for this server, and no others — ever. Characters on these accounts will be copied to Drunder (the “prison server”) and can never leave or transfer to another server.

Think of it. No more “time outs“. No more “Exxxxtreme Prejudice“. You get busted for something bad enough, or often enough, and off you go, never again to trouble the good peoples of (the rest of us).

But you can still play DDO.

You get no customer support, but for the most part, we’ve all learned to do with less of that. Maybe, for a certain type of player, you’d actually prefer to play on a prison server. Dupe all you want; no one cares. Harass, grief, and exploit each other to your heart’s content.

I’ve gone on and on about forum and in-game moderation. I have all kinds of opinions. But one of the drawbacks to all of the plans is the lack of a reasonable punishment. You can ban someone, or not. There are variations on the theme (temporary bans) and Extreme Prejudice, but that is all. Either Turbine boots the player, and forfeits whatever money he or she may have provided towards the game, or they do not. But a prison server would give Turbine at least one new tool, maybe more if they expand Daybreak’s idea and work in the concept of rehabilitation and return.

I see only one potential drawback; there might be a sort of copycat phenomenon where people who want to play on the prison server compete to see who can do the most publicly, dramatically bad thing to earn their sentence. Maybe Turbine could offer a free one-way transfer to avoid some of that?

You would think that those who frequent the DDO Vault would be the most interested in such a server, and in fact the topic did get some consideration. Nowhere near as much as more pressing Vault topics like “which account is really a sock puppet of which other account?” but in fairness, no one official is talking about a DDO prison server, and any conversation on the topic is purely wishes and speculation. I expect the conversation would pick up if anyone Turbine-associated gave an indication that a DDO prison server could maybe actually happen.

It makes me wonder.

  • How many people have been banned?
  • How many would come back to the game if they could?
  • How many of them would rather play on a server like this, where they are free to do whatever, whenever, without consequences?
  • How many of them would buy stuff from the DDO store?
  • Or pay for VIP accounts?
  • How many people would go there voluntarily?
  • What would the game be like for those of us who remained on the “paladin” servers?

I wonder.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. What I wonder is the no customer support thing on a server like this. Does that mean that no one would be checking if things actually work on the server.. and players could not get help when they get stuck or things get lost etc? Lost tomes for example? If that is the case, I wonder how long ppl would actually be there before they get bored.

  2. trickster rule-breaking types find it titulating to do their perrenial adolescence where it is not allowed, otherwise it would have no point.

  3. Now wait just a darn minute! People LOVE rules! I know there isn’t really a single person that willingly breaks them, and that they do their utmost to uphold them! Also: there is no lag, EVERYBODY groups, and we’re all one big happy family of gamers. Now that you’ve caught a glimpse into my deluded fantasy world of gaming… wouldn’t it be nice if all that were really true?

    I agree with Saekee. It seems to me that people only get a thrill out of doing bad things in the game if there’s a risk at getting caught (well, for the most part, anyway).

    I know if this were to happen, and I somehow got kicked to this kind of a server, I would just quit the game. To me, it sounds like wasted resources (and resources mean money), so… bad idea, in my opinion.

    Now, I also have no comprehension of the desire to break laws. Were I to guess my alignment, it would be Lawful Good, possibly even Lawful Stupid at times. I like to play within the rules provided, and think it provides more of a challenge if I do, and more challenge means more of a sense of accomplishment if/ when I do succeed. Running the hardest quest in five minutes with no difficulty what-so-ever means boredom to me.

    So, no: I would not like this prison plan. I would not, could not break laws or scam!

  4. It’s an interesting thought, but I agree with Saekee. The whole point of doing “evil” things is not just to do them, it’s to get away with it. It’s something like the forbidden candy.. make it no longer forbidden, and the appeal vanishes rapidly.

    In some regards, it’s a direct parallel to the appeal of stealth gaming – the whole rush and thrill is pulling the impossible off. Turn their stealth detection off so there’s no risk, and why bother?

  5. Hey you linked to my post! Am I famous now or something?

    I thought it was an interesting concept for sure. I am not sure if Turbine could pull it off though, considering the great mabanning that happened a few years ago.

    Would you go there being a legit player if all your friends got sent or moved there?

    I myself never even wanted to cheat in DDO, using the control panel in morrowind ruined that game for me and I made sure to steer clear of anything like that for DDO.

    • Yes. Now you are internet DDO famous. Which is just like being famous in real life, except exactly the opposite.

      Also, I urge you to include it on your resume; any prospective employer is bound to be impressed!

  6. Evil alignments in prison servers!

    But to answer your question on lore, the Eberron cosmology does not necessarily have a prison plane of existence. The closest might be Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead.

  7. It is an interesting thought. I can seem some folks having no problem with going over there but I also wonder if those that get “sent” over there if they would just create another account and get back on the regular servers. Since they are already “cheating” and “duping” I doubt it would take them long to get back to their old levels and will probably learn to be more careful about it. Definitely interesting though, I’ll be curious to see how this plays out.

  8. If they shut all the servers down, allowed me to purchase the packs for direct play on my own system I would still play this game as much as I do. Give me the ability to repackage the quests into my own arcs with access to drop rates, scaling etc, I would run my own One-Group LANs. Then I would run your layout and then hers and then his. Remember the “Monty Haul” debates in the early to mid eighties? No? To bad, I don’t play Monty Haul, but I could revisit the live servers on my current account if I ever thought I missed it.

    Drop rates would lower, scaling would completely disappear…
    Heaven. I’m in heaven. And though I’m all alone…

    • I like that Ludewig, if they ever do “shut down” the game, let me purchase a locally hosted version to continue playing with m’ friends =)

  9. I’ve always thought that people that get banned, and want to keep playing, just make another account, and try not to get caught [yet] again 😉

    Sometimes I even get paranoid about using the /stuck too many times, or ever … I chide those that use it after falling from the top of the Tempest’s Spine quest, I might be playing a different game to everyone else.

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