Epic Win

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Feb 112010

Fourth attempt is the charm, as Halfling Commandos conquer Epic VON1.

Epic Win!

The cost was heavy and the loot was lacking – no Epic drops at all – but still, we win!

Sure, other guilds are showing their epic VON6 victory, but for us this is a big deal 🙂

Colwyn (rogue), Teodra (cleric), Reneux (cleric), Pugtastic (barb), Sparksy (wizard) and Barel the token alt Human (ranger)

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  1. Awesome! Very awesome screenshot too! Congrats to the knee-stabbers!

  2. Kai kasai! Congratulations on your victory!

  3. Great Pic!!!

  4. I still don’t agree with the 0xp. After going through all that, (especially no loot) wouldn’t an action point have been nice….

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