Oct 252011

As part of the preparation for TR-ing my wizard Sparksy into an artificer I have been cataloging and redistributing her bank. Up until now, she has been my designated hoarder of epic item ingredients.

I was mildly surprised to notice just how many epic items I could create, if only any of my characters wanted them:

Epic Ring of the Silver Concord
A nice ring for an AC paladin, if they only have one ToD ring? But alas I have no AC paladins.

Epic Shimmering Pendant
Very nice item for an epic Bard. If only I had one. And he/she did not have a ToD set (all three bardic ToD sets include a necklace).

Epic Kundarak Warding Bracers
I can’t imagine the build that would benefit from this item when the bracers slot has so many more attractive options. Maybe if it was CON7? Meh.

Epic Stonemeld Plate
Another item I can’t imagine ever building because it is essentially no better than Dragontouched Plate. DR 5/- is cool I guess. Maybe if I didn’t have the Reaver’s Refuge pack?

Epic Elyd Edge
Wow this is a really great rapier for a bard! This rapier is so nice it might be worth building for any epic DEX TWF. But I am not so sure an epic DEX TWF character is worth building …

Epic Utility Vest
A very nice set of armor for an epic rogue, if only I had one. I am not certain it is better than the epic leather from the pirate event, but I think it is, and I am confident that it is at least not any worse.

Epic Phiarlan Spy Dagger
This is a really nice dagger. Except, it is a dagger. Not a caster dagger, but a melee dagger … Did I mention that it is a dagger?

I am not complaining, or at least not by intent. I’ve created several epic items that were very helpful for my characters. And I have 15-20 more items where I possess two of the three ingredients, meaning I am only one lucky drop away from adding to my epic arsenal.

I just think it interesting that I can make a half-dozen epic items, in theory the most sought possessions in the game, yet I can’t even be bothered to invest the time it takes to run to the epic altar and make them.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I am with you in some areas. But mainly if i have the bits i try to plan it a good home.

  2. More epic items then I obtain. My only epic items are from CC. Stop running epics after my melees just keep swinging at the same mob for minutes at a time, casters could only use a hand full of spells and my cleric which everyone wanted in their group never got compensated for all the resources she used.

    About to finish the first life TR FvS which TR with no raid gear and two lv 12 name items rest all random generated stuff. The difference it is to TR a fully gear TR and using the random loot is night and day.

  3. I know the feeling. I have many items I can make, and several I am close to able to make, but I can say the Epic Utility vest is GREAT for a rogue. I had the cove armor, but the vest is better for him. Great for my ranger tho:)

  4. Just pulled the scroll/seal/shard for the Utility Vest… Now I need the Utility Vest :p

    I have a lowbie who will find that quite useful 🙂

  5. Wish all that stuff didn’t bind. Even would LOVE some nice epic stuff. 😀

  6. the Silver Concord would probably also be a pretty decent ring for that epic bard without the ToD set. Or for one with a ToD set and only the one ring (to play them all, one ring to strum them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness hum them). I mean, sure, CHA skills +2 isn’t nearly the same as Perform/Diplo +20 on the Arrowhead, but still.

    Ooh, I like the Inspiring Echos on the Epic Elyd Edge. Too bad they made it so you still can’t get affected by those songs… any idea how to get the CHA damage modifier? The text line says STR, and the picture says (STR, CHA), which confuses me. Man, if I could get that CHA damage on a regular Elyd Edge, it’d almost be worth using…

    I think even being a dagger, that one is rather nice… especially if Deception procs.

  7. The Elyd was recently made incredible, and thus will be nerfed some day.

    As far as epic items that are worth crafting I honestly think it’s a short list;

    Chaos Blade
    Midnight Greetings
    Utility Vest

    Everything else is pretty meh.

  8. I do not agree darkminstrel. Just off the top of my head, I would add jidz-tetka, any of three different robes that give a wizard INT7, staff of power, ring of spell storing, belt of mroranon, charged gauntlets, bracers of the claw … and I am just getting warmed up!

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