Jan 242012
She has become much more fearsome over the years
Llolth was not much to look at in the
original D&D Monster Manual but oh, how she has grown

Epic Levels Are Coming!

Epic Levels Are Coming!

Epic Levels Are Coming!

I can’t imagine that Turbine could have made a more exciting announcement.

To be fair, they did not just announce Epic Levels. No, the announcement included Druids, loads of new content, and inclusion of an all-new setting: Forgotten Realms!* DDO is going to the Underdark to battle evil Drow and their spider goddess Lolth.

* I should say, “all-new to DDO”, as Forgotten Realms has long been the most popular D&D world and the setting of most D&D books and games

As you would expect, the forums are ablaze. The first-ever paid DDO expansion! Druids! Forgotten Realms! And for many the most important part, Drizzt Do’Urden. I’ve never understood why this one character attracts so much devotion, but hey, as Major Malphunction pointed out on the forums, its okay to like something even if its popular. Maybe I should read the Drizzt books someday.

But that will all have to wait. Because as I said, Epic Levels are coming!

Apparently they will work differently than regular levels, have a different enhancement system, and a different leveling mechanic. But I don’t care, I’ll be earning XP again! DDO will be a real Role Playing Game again!

The expansion will be out sometime this summer. Turbine has taken out a new website to host announcements, but there’s nothing useful there yet

* Other than a modern image of Llolth. Like I say, she’s all grown-up now. Very evil goddess-y

GoldyGopher is curating a collection of references and news clips regarding the new expansion. Check it out here! very helpful and informative.

So exciting! Its another great day to be a DDO player!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. yeah! Commando event?

  2. You haven’t yet learned my friend. Everything is a Commando event. 🙂

  3. I would be a lot MORE excited if the druid class was going to be available to regular players.

    This expansion is moving into D&D territory that is so well-tread I have absolutely zero interest in paying for it. Forgotten Realms has been played to death; Mystara, or Krynn, or god-help-us Dark Sun would be been a more compelling offering.

    But still, for people who are chronic toon-cappers, I can see how REAL epic content will be exciting.

  4. You have no idea how tempted I am to roll up a halfing on Sarlona just so I can join the Commandos. Except I wouldn’t play often enough to be anything more than a renown drain, I’m too focused on Thelanis. :/

    Now WHEN are you going to get your butt to Cannith for some Friday night fun? Huh? HUH?

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