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Feb 212013

Ruins of Gianthold
New! Improved! Now with Epic Flavor!

I don’t always get to run new content on New Content Day. Sometimes I have to work or am otherwise away from the computer. Sometimes we are saving it for an absent guild-mate. And sometimes there are “hiccups” in the update delivery and no one gets to run the new content.

But last night, there I was, right smack in the middle of new content on the first day it was available.

I love new content. It’s so new!

Even strangely familiar new content like the Epic Ruins of Gianthold. Familiar because it is essentially the same landscape as the old Ruins of Gianthold that we’ve had since 2007. But also familiar because I previewed it on Lamannia.

Nonetheless, it is new again tonight, and must be explored. Off we go, a small band of Halfling Commandos invading the valley of the giants. Epic giants. Not that it matters, as we are Epic Halflings, more or less, and we have no trouble going where we will and doing what we want.

I love cutting down massive giants with my tiny halfling.

Mindflayer: check. Does not count as a rare encounter according to the rare encounter counter. Dwarven equipment supplier: check. Does not count either. But both provide epic chests and there is nothing wrong with that!

We get some of the red-named encounters – they do count as rares – but also a couple of the more theatrical “yellow dot” random encounters. Both featuring familiar characters which I will not spoil. One of them leads to a dragon!

SkanaalI have heard that there are five dragons available in here, but the one we find is the same dragon I encountered during my Lamannia preview. I doubt that means anything about the random distribution but who knows? This dragon is a white named Skanaal and he definitely does not look like other white dragons. Check out the schnozz; he is unique.

Kudos to the devs for taking the time to make Skanaal a unique character: that is how dragons should be, each one a singular individual and a distinct challenge!

After a couple of hours (and 150K XP thanks to the +25% bonus), we’ve found only 28 of the 29 quotes we need to complete the set. We’ve seen everything in the adventure area, slain a metric buttload of giants, and thoroughly debated whether the Truthful One sounds more like Jeremy Irons or Alan Rickham. No quests, we are sated, quests will have to wait for another night.

Good times, lots of XP, a few treasures. Especially, good times!

Oh and just so you know, Jeremy Irons. Definitely Jeremy Irons.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Best guess – you’re missing the one that you can “only” get to by running “feast or famine” and taking the ‘upper’ exit out of. Be prepared to fight, though, as the exit is guarded. But then, if you’ve run FoF before, you already knew that.

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