Epic Equalization

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Aug 222014

Majicka and Ejecta and epic XP
This composite image shows the XP windows from both level 20 Majicka and level 28 Ejecta
Click to see full-size, readable text

Soon everyone will be on an equal, epic footing. Quoting from the latest Lamannia release notes:

Any character level 20 or above can now receive any level 20 or above quest, and enter any dungeon with a base CR of 20 or higher. This removes previous conditions that could prevent a lower-level Epic-level character from entering a much higher-level Epic dungeon, for example.

So if you are Epic, you can run any Epic quest.

Interesting. But there’s another facet to this. In Heroic levels, the game enforces a rule against “power leveling”. You cannot gain XP if you are in a quest with someone that is too many levels (5) higher than your character.

But apparently, that is not true in Epic levels. My Gamer Girl and I tested this today by bringing a level 20 character (her Enchanter Majicka) and a level 28 character (my Enchanter Ejecta) into a level 21 quest Outbreak on Epic Elite.

We proved two things:

  • There is no power level penalty to XP when in Epics
  • Two enchanters with a couple of melee hirelings will totally own this quest

So anyone who is Epic will be able to run any quest that is Epic without entry barrier or XP penalty.

I am not attempting to argue whether this is a good thing or bad; I am just pointing it out. It will certainly make it easier to get into groups.

Happy Epic leveling, everyone!

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  1. Not a bad change at all. Some Epic quests that are supposed lower-difficulty will kick your butt even as a L28. “Storming the Beaches” comes to mind.

  2. Not trying to be picky but the image is for Murder by Night a Heroic Quest and not Outbreak the Epic Quest that occurs in the Hospital. I do like that they are making this change since EDs contain most of the power of an Epic Level Character.

  3. This will definitely help with somebody like me who is moving through these epic levels much more slowly. I like this change :).

  4. Just going to say Outbreak and Murder by Night both occur in the Hospital in Eveningstar, no right or wrong, just saying.

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