Aug 242013

The Mizza Zone

So there I was wandering around when all of a sudden I saw the grandest thing Ive ever seen in my entire life. I forgot what it was though so I cant actually tell anyone what it was. And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

So, I dont think I blogged about the end of cove or the weekend after so I think Ill go ahead and do that first and see what magical things happen.

Well, me and Commie and in the end, Evennote did cove. I got a Dread Admirals hat on mine and Comics first day playing. In the end I was able to get a decent concentration boost put onto it along with Heavy Fortification. I also got a Spyglass thingy and was able to upgrade it two or three times. Hopefully the spot boost will work out for us because not being able to spot traps in low level elites was a pain in the arse. My spot is now around 34(I think).

On the last day of cove I had to get off early. It was the day after my birthday and I was really really sore. So, while I got to do the actual cove quest with Comic, I missed out on being able to do so with Even. The problem was that the day before(my birfday), I moved about 250ish pounds of furniture into my house. I had help, but it still left me drained and sore(I can lift 200+ pound weights no problem, but furniture is always a different story. Its awkward and always wants to fall and crush someone while being moved). The next day, final day of cove, I was still feeling the previous days energy drain and soreness and called it quits earlier than I wanted. I stayed on a bit longer because, for some reason, they wanted to take pictures. I let them then I got off. Thankfully, I still have some left over painkillers from before the doctors cut off my subscription post surgery last year so those definetly helped.

The next weekend on DDO was rather short again but for a different reason. Me and Comic ran the VoN quest involving killing some giant metal guy thing in the back of a cave system with Beholder thingys. At first I wasnt too sure about doing the quest because I remembered the party wipe I experienced in that quest back when Shinny still played. So I thought me and Comic(or at least just Comic) were doomed. But we prevailed. The damsel was rescued. We exited then I had to get off. I had promised (Have you ever noticed that if you take the ‘le’ out of title, youre left with ‘tit’?) one of my brothers Id help out moving branches, logs and other bits of wood into a pile. We’re gonna burn it in a month. Its gonna be awesome. The thing is, there was some logging done on his property recently. When that happens, we tend to opt to take care of all the refuse wood ourselves, make it into a burn pile and roast marshmellows and make smores. Its all really very fun.

I was on DDO on Tuesday for a bit and logged back out kinda angry. My sole reason for logging in was to see how much Shadar Kai cost. So, SWtoR was undergoing maintenance so I figured it was as good a time as any. I patch DDO, log into the game, get to the character selection screen, open the store, open the “Races and Classes” and all I saw was Drow. I think, ‘Okay, maybe I gotta actually be in game on a character in order to see it.’. So I log into Mizzaroo do it all again, all I saw was Drow. I switch on the option to see everything and still no Shadar Kai. Maybe its going to be a while before they release them as purchasable on the store? Or maybe Im right in thinking thats not gonna happen. If Im right, and I hope Im wrong, all I can really say is, Fuck you Turbine, Im not buying your damn expansion just to play Shadar Kai. I was fully willing to buy them off the DDO store. I even went to the store recently hoping to find a TP card so I COULD buy Shadar Kai off the DDO store. Now Im glad the stores near me dont stock them because it would have been a waste of my money and time.

That being said, while I was at the last store I visited, I decided to buy a movie and a game to fill in time away from MMOs. The movie I got was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo(The Hollywood version). I really liked the books and I enjoy the movie as well. All the time, I see people saying the original Swedish movie is better, but honestly I think theyre about the same, just one has better cast and acting. Though to be honest, both girls did an awesome job at capturing the character of Lisbeth Salander. I honestly cant wait for The Girl Who Played With Fire to come out. Hopefully before Daniel Craig is too old to take back up the part.

The game I got was Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection. Yup. I bought a kiddie game! Actually, I really enjoy games that are similar to Sim City. I think theyre both a blast to play and a good challenge regardless of how old you are. I mean, at 23 years old, The Oregon Trail still kicks my ass. I also got it cause I can have dinosaurs in my zoo. How cool is that?! DINOSAURS! Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

My weekday gaming is now fully 100% commited to playing SWtoR. The reason isnt soley because my losing intrest in DDO. Its something I think some of you readers(including the guy person face who owns the website this blog thing is on) can understand. One of the things that makes games fun is the actual game itself. DDO is a fun game. I love DDO. DDO made me love MMOs again. The people Ive encountered on it were/are awesome and amazing. But even if I were to take all those people and play with them on DDO at the same time, I still wouldnt have as much fun as I would on SWtoR for one reason. There is nothing better in a game than being able to play with someone you know and love and/or care about. For me, this is my lil sister whos decided to commit to playing SWtoR which in turns means me commiting my weekdays to playing with her on it. Playing with her is a blast. Playing with her makes the game much more fun than it already was. So, from this point on, outside of Comical Weekends, Im gonna be elsewhere in the MMO Universe.

Onto the subject of SWtoR, I became a “Preferred Member” on it after my birfday. I got 2400 points with another 2400(maybe a lil more) coming next month. I was gonna spend my points unlocking the Artifact Equipment for my account but was about 300 points shy so I spent it on more immediate needs. As a preferred player my Crew Skill slots got bumbed up to 2(from one as F2P) so I spent shy of 1000 points getting the third for my account so that I can start crafting. The rest went to unlocking three races. I actually got angry with myself for buying one of them because it went on sale the very next day. The first two races I bought were Twi’Leks and Pure Blood Sith(the one that went on sale). The next day Miraluka went on sale for 66% off making it only 200 points so I spent what I had left getting the race without even thinking twice. Miralukas are a race that interest me and my sister quite a bit. There was something about Visas on KotOR 2 that intrigued us quite a bit. So getting them was a no brainer. I also earned enough credits on my main Guardian to buy the character title account unlock off the GTN. That made me very happy. The next things I have to get off the market are, of course, artifact equipment unlock, section X and companion customization. The rest I can get off the GTN using credits. The other races can also wait.

Thats about all Ive gotta (DDO DDO DDO DDO DDO DDO DDO) say this time around so Im gonna call this blog done. Almost reached 1500 words. Thats way too dang long. Someone really oughta reign in my rambling ways. But hey, whos gonna dare to try such a thing against the Empress of DDO and everything else? No one. Not a soul in sight. Know why? Cause I can strike you down with nothing but a thought. When Im playing online. Cause Im just that badass. I eat Halflings for desert. There are no cows that can stand against me! I AM EMPRESS MIZZAROO AND I RULE OVER ALL! With this sentance I have finally managed to surpass 1500 words. Oh yeah.

Take care everyone!


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  1. You will be able to buy any/all of the iconic heroes, and the x-pack for that matter, with TP. However, if I recall correctly, they won’t be available for purchase with TP until the next update. I’m pretty sure they did the same thing with the last x-pack, too. I assume you will not need to buy the new x-pack to play the iconics – you’ll just be forced to start in Eberron. But what do I know?

  2. Well, I know *some* people think it is…but not me.

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