Oct 172015

The Mizzazone 2

Or at the least, thats what the site wants me to do. I presume this because Im Mizzaroo and Empress’ do what they want. Now, go fetch me some cheese! Pepper Jack! Tillamook! Chopchop! Get to it!… Still waaaaaitiiiiing!

So where to start… where to start… Well, in my last blog I mentioned I was trying to get into the Army. Still true. Its just been delayed until early next year. I forgot to mention my knee surgery to my recruiter and the MEPs people got bitchy about it. So now I gotta wait until they decide weather or not my knee is a liability or not. Its not(obviously, otherwise I wouldnt be trying to join) but mah recruiter thinks that since the military is in peacetime mode, it may go against me. But Imma keepin mah hopes up!

Other than that, I finally have good internets again! So I can play and play and play and play and play! I LOVE TO PLAY! Also have a good TV again so Ive been spending a good deal of time playing on my Xbox One.

Gamewise, Ive been playing alot of MMOs. Just not my usuals. On the One Ive been playing Neverwinter Online and Warframe. On the PC Ive been spending time with my older sister playing WoW. When Im not playing those, Im either on STO, SWtOR, DDO(to bug the friday night group) or LotRO(weekends with Comic).

Decided today was gonna be the day me and Comic bid Firefoot farewell. Im actually really bummed about that. I mean, the server was called Firefoot. Why would they kill a server with such an awesome name? Even with that, Im pretty excited about having two new character slots. Im thinking one will be a Runekeeper fo sho. Ill probably get VIP for a few months on LotRO once I start makin dat paper again.

One thing Ive noticed today on LotRO is that the Beorning class is on sale for either the second or third time in the one year its been out. Meanwhile Ive yet to see the Shadar Kai class(or the other ones) go on sale once yet. So either the Beorning class is a failure(Ive only seen one or two total in the last year) or its such a success that they feel the need to put it on sale alot. On that note, unlike Druid and Warlock, I understand the price of the 4 special classes in DDO. They start out at lvl 15. That makes them special. So youre pretty much paying for the class plus a few levels making the price at least sensible. On the other hand, I dont understand why Druid and Warlock are so spendy. I mean, in points, they both cost what would be just under $20. So like $40 for two classes that arent really that special. Now if they were priced at 995TP, Id consider that reasonable. But Im just a Natalie. What do I know?

Well, thats it for this blog. Bye bye!

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  1. But ya do get to rent them for “free” as a VIP.. Not sure how that translates to the LotRO rendition..

    • Except I don’t think imma ever be a vip on ddo. I love ddo, I really do. I just don’t think it’s worth subbing to. For me that is.

  2. Thoughts on the upcoming SWTOR update?

  3. Mizzy! We miss’ed you!

  4. All will be good just wait…
    I was 17, Back in 1970, when I joined the army – Went through Basic – started AIT – and was pulled due to a Dislocating shoulder. I was told I had an “Erroneous enlistment”.
    I was discharged after 89 days..
    no one told me I would have No Benefits (have to be in 90 days to get them).


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