Jan 152011

My girlfriend is leveling this character and noticed that the enhancement list was short by eight AP. Not surprising really, I did the build by hand before the character planner had been updated for the Archmage prestige enhancements.

She prefers a level-by-level enhancement breakdown in any case. She is very meticulous about her build plans. This is part of why she is my girlfriend 🙂

I’m updating the original build thread on the forums. Here is the level-by-level enhancement breakdown:

Level 1 (Wizard)

  • Improved Concentration I
  • Wizard Energy Manipulation I
  • Wizard Elemental Manipulation I
  • Wizard Force Manipulation I

Level 2 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Energy of the Scholar I
  • Wizard Intelligence I

Level 3 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Lineage of Energy I
  • Wizard Lineage of Elements I
  • Wizard Lineage of Force I

Level 4 (Wizard)

  • Improved Concentration II
  • Wizard Force Manipulation II

Level 5 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Improved Empowering I
  • Wizard Spell Penetration I

Level 6 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Energy of the Scholar II
  • Wizard Archmage I
  • Archmage Spell Mastery I: Enchantment

Level 7 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Force Manipulation III
  • Evocation I – Magic Missle

Level 8 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Intelligence II

Level 9 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Lineage of Elements II
  • Arcane Bolt
  • Wizard Archmage II

Level 10 (Wizard)

  • Improved Concentration III
  • Wizard Lineage of Force II

Level 11 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Energy of the Scholar III

Level 12 (Wizard)

  • Improved Concentration IV
  • Wizard Lineage of Force III
  • Wizard Archmage III
  • Archmage Secondary Spell Mastery I: Evocation

Level 13 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Energy of the Scholar IV

Level 14 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Spell Penetration II

Level 15 (Wizard)

  • Archmage Spell Mastery II: Enchantment

Level 16 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Intelligence III
  • Wizard Archmage IV

Level 17 (Wizard)

  • Arcane Blast

Level 18 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Spell Penetration III
  • Wizard Archmage V

Level 19 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Improved Maximizing I

Level 20 (Wizard)

  • Wizard Master of Magic
  • Wizard Improved Heightening I

What do you think?

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