Feb 162011

Chelena is a halfling barb/ftr mix that I am going to TR because

  1. I want to up her DPS
  2. I bought a half-price Heart of Wood and it is burning a hole in my pocket

Its not that Chelena has bad DPS … Its more that Knicker has so much better. Knicker is getting the same hit damage and crits as Chelena … on each hand … as Chelena is able to get with both hands. Clearly there remains room for improvement.

I would like to bring her back as a pure fighter because I want to mix it up a little. But I am having difficulty coming up with a pure fighter design that is actually a DPS improvement. She was doing about 320 on crits before as a Barb12/Ftr8 using a Min II maul.

None of the pure fighter designs seems like they will crit over 200. Admittedly there will be more crits as a Kensai III, but only 50% more often. And 200 points just will not get it done.

I must be missing something. How do other people do this? Clearly more thought is needed.*

* I already know they aren’t designing halflings with min II mauls. The goal isn’t achieving max possible DPS in the game. It is improving DPS on this one character.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. At 320 that is very good. I have never seen that number unless I add elemental damage. If you are looking for pure high level crits, I do not think anything but a Barb with the power attack enhancements will get you there.

  2. But my TWF build Knicker gets that with EACH HAND. It completely shames poor Chelena 🙂

    I’m definitely doing something about it but I still don’t know exactly what.

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