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You Shall Pass!

You Shall Pass!

LEGO: Lord of the Rings
I caught the ladder by the corner of my eye. Suddenly alert and glued to the screen I watched, riveted, as she bounced Frodo to and from, away and back again. Half-way up. In a flash back down. Now round and round on an ever-widening circle Frodo continued to scurry plucking those silly, swirling, lego-bits of nonsense from the landscape. I gasped aloud as suddenly, in one fluid motion she floated Frodo up, up and away to the top of the ladder. Can you imagine such a thing? It was all so smooth and dare I say it? Beautiful and serene and natural and……..(whisper this part); alien! Is this how ladders were meant to be?
Frodo had been standing motionless at the top of the ladder for some time now. Was Frodo stuck at the top of the ladder? Had the natural laws of my reality returned to their proper place? Nope, it wasn’t the ladder’s fault Frodo was standing motionless. I didn’t need to turn my head to hear the puzzled frown in her voice. “Honey, what’s wrong with you?”
I realized the source of her frustration; I was only inches from the surface of her tablet. Very much inside her personal gaming space and not at all in the proper posture becoming a gentleman. Sidestepping my problem I quickly bathed my concerns in the glow of my finest innocent charm. “Don’t you ever get stuck?” I inquired.
“Stuck?” she returned. “What are you talking about! Stuck?”
“Yeah, stuck! You know, on the ladder.” I pressed on across the ever thinning ice. “Don’t you ever worry about getting stuck on the ladders?”
“Wha….?” I had gone too far! She’d had enough of my nonsense! Time to get personal. “Stuck on a ladder? Don’t be daft! What sort of person would play a game that turns you into some sort of heroic-piñata ready to be burst open by the first wandering mob?”
I mumbled something about getting cleaned up and ready for the mall. Don’t know why she had to get all personal about it. Sheeesh! Still, maybe she had point. What kinda person would insist on being repeatedly turned into a hung-from-a-rung piñata? I know exactly what kinda person would insist upon such a thing. A kid who in 1980 found beneath the tree his first AD&D DM’s Guide, Players Handbook and Monster Manual hardcovers, that’s who!

I want to wish a Happy New Year to the devs of Turbine, hoping your Christmas was fine. Looking forward to next updates’ bug-report. 😉

Good bad thick or thin Dungeons & Dragons forever!

Luedwig Bait H’oven

Thelanis 2006

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