Nov 242014

Filthy elitist!

Elitism is not really considered a good thing. The term “Elitist” is intended as a pejorative, describing someone who believes themselves to be superior to normal humanity, apart from the masses, better.

And while I believe that there have in fact been a few people to walk the planet that truly were better than the rest of us, only history can fairly judge Elitism, and for most of them, part of their true superiority is that they would never have agreed with with the superior tag; most of them would not have admitted to being better than anyone.

And thus we have elitism as a negative; people who stand themselves apart for reasons that are unimportant, or prejudicial, or even simply wrong.

Mawry is an elitist. Unlike the general run-of-the-mill elitist, she has the numbers to back her up. 596 of them.

Just to be clear, this does not mean Mawry is better than “normal” characters. She is well-built, and occasionally well-played, but there are many characters that can complete more quests more quickly. And there are, I imagine, many characters with more consecutive Elite completions.

The streak itself is truly rather meaningless in game terms, easily replaced. Other of my characters have broken their streaks for a variety of reasons, but then after five consecutive Elite completions they are back to getting complete Bravery Bonus XP. There is no reason to continue to amass a massive Elite streak. All you need is five.

Now and then the streak gets in the way, preventing you from running certain quests you otherwise might, or from joining groups that you would otherwise join. And then, for those few seconds it takes me to log Mawry out and return with someone more suitable, then and only then, Mawry does feel like somewhat of an Elitist prig.

Nonetheless. 596 and counting, and no chance that Mawry will let it go anytime soon, or ever.

My Gamer Girl’s character Majicka was pacing Mawry for a long time, also up in the hundreds, but something went wrong in a Haunted Halls run that cost her streak. Something to do with the fact that the extended and special commentary versions count as separate quests, favor-wise. We thought we’d already run it on elite and were safe to re-run the other parts on lower difficulty. But no.

We thought about asking for GM assistance to see if we could repair the streak, but after reflection, she gave up. It seemed very unlikely that this was the kind of thing that a GM could repair, but more, it is really a silly thing to worry about altogether. Five quests later she was back to full XP.

It’s just a number. No more. A silly number.

And yet.

596 and counting. I wonder how high it will go? The growth of the number has slowed now that Mawry has completed Completioning. That is why the number is so high – every few months Mawry would start over, running all or most of the content on Elite again, stretching her Elite number for all it is worth. Now that she’s done with the TR cycle she has already run everything on Elite and can only add to her number when we get new content.

Update 24 has four new quests; Mawry will hit 600.

There will be no parades. No cheering crowds. No one will be giving her a medal. It won’t help her get a new job. It won’t go on her “permanent record”. It won’t even give her anything in-game. It’s just a number. A rather silly number at that.

Nonetheless. 600.

I imagine she’d be happy about that, if she wasn’t just a collection of pixels and algorithms that is incapable of happiness. So instead, I will be happy for her.

600! Way to go Mawry!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Great read, thank you. From the other side I have spent five or six months now helping a Guildy bag his Completionist tag and he too has been nurse-maiding an elite streak. While he continues to balloon towards his 1K, I bounce around a variety of half-forgotten characters in an effort to fill the gaps on a quest per quest basis.

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