Mar 042012
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MarQuileth asked for this writeup a couple of days ago but it took me longer than I expected. Partly because I am full of things to write about right now but also because this is actually two items, the Spider Cult Mask and the Elite Spider Cult Mask.

Both items were introduced as pre-order incentives for the Menace of the Underdark expansion and can currently* only be obtained by buying a pre-order package between Feb 27 2012 and June 24 2012. The standard mask comes with the Standard Edition pre-order. The elite mask comes with the Limited Collectors Edition pre-order.

* I am emphasizing the word “currently” because I expect to see one or both of these masks in the DDO Store sometime after the expansion is released. I have no evidence for this, but the pre-order FAQ stresses that some of the new animal companions will never be available except by pre-order and no such declarations are made regarding the masks.

The masks are cosmetic add-ons that fit over your existing headwear and add to your existing headwear’s effects without replacing them. Mask visibility can be toggled on and off (by adding the mask icon to a hotbar and clicking it) but the mask effects remain, even when the mask is invisible, until you change or remove your other headwear. If you log out or change to new headwear then you will need to click the Mask again to reapply its effects.

The elite version of the mask is a purple and crimson in color. The standard mask is a uniform gray.

Standard Elite
Standard mask is all-gray Chelena models the Elite version
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  • The standard mask gives a Profane +1 bonus to all Charisma-based skills (including UMD!) and a Profane +2 bonus to saving throws versus poison
  • The elite mask gives a Profane +1 bonus to all skills and a Profane +4 bonus to saving throws versus poison

“Profane” is a rare bonus type, meaning that these bonuses will stack with most of the other bonuses currently in-game.

But then “Profane” also refers to evil (or as I prefer to think of it, “eeeeebul”) so some of my more rigidly scrupulous characters will not touch either mask with a ten-foot strand of crystallized spiderweb, stacking +1 or not.

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  1. So, out in the Sorrowdusk wilderness, when you run up past the shrine on the lower portion, to the area where the outdoor rare troll spawns, there is a regular troll mob there that says something to the effect of “This place sacred to troll-kind! You profane it!” Does this mean that your halo wearing paladins are evil? 😉

  2. From the trolls point of view? Absolutely. But Paladin-type lawful gooders are not very concerned with other people’s points of view.

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