Ebony and Ivory

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Feb 082017

The new Figurine of Wondrous Power, the Alabaster Lioness, is out and if you are a VIP you have one automatically. Just log in and it will appear in your inventory.

It is in all ways the same as the Figurine of Wondrous Power Onyx Panther, except it is white. And has orangey/reddish eyes. Otherwise, identical.

There are some people who are annoyed by this, because the Onyx Panther was part of the (quite expensive) Menace of the Underdark pre-order package and those who shelled out for the pre-order were promised that it would never be available again, only that one time, only that one way. And yet, here comes the Panther again, except this time it is white.

Me? I think the fact that it is white is adequate differentiation between the Lion and the Panther. I don’t mind at all. And in fact, if you are one of those who purchased the Panther along with MotU, you still have a unique bonus that is available to no one else: you can have the Panther and the Lioness in your party at the same time. Both.

Identical, yet opposite

The pink around the Lioness’s nose and the color of her eyes almost makes it seem like maybe the Lioness is an albino?

Here, enjoy this closeup. Note how identical, yet different they really are. Mirror images, except more like a photo and the negative of that photo.

Inky black and dirty white.

Black coffee and cream.

Darkness and moonlight.

Ebony and ivory.

It it had all been up to me, I’d have changed the Lioness’ level, partly for even-more-different-from-the-Panther reasons, but mainly because so many of us already have hirelings at level 17, level 20, and level 25. I’d have wanted a level 30 version. Or a level 12 version.

But I’m not complaining. The Lioness is free, and actually quite awesome. If you missed the MotU pre-order, and have any characters that are not permanently locked in at level 30, you definitely want this.

And if you are like me and already have the Panther, hey, no complaining, the Lioness is free! And it looks really cool to have them out together.

Just me and my cats, out looking for trouble.


Two cat followers
Black and White companionship
Twice as good as one


Now I’m going to need another litter box.

🙂 😀 🙂



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  1. 🙂 I’m happy about the lioness. I didn’t get the panter, and I was a bit sad that I didn’t.

  2. Those of us with the panther get double kitteh!
    Those who don’t now have a *different* kitteh.

    Anyone who feels slighted by the new kitteh is just working too hard at finding something to be upset about.

  3. Rather than a fighter how about a healing Phoenix or a Rogue like Jay, or a casting Chimera? With the expansion due out this yeah another fighter type will ANNOY me. Still what can you do?

  4. My niece is happy, now she has 2 kitties to come along when doing her dragon hunts 🙂

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