Sep 102013

The Mizzazone 2

Sososo, there I was and there was a cow. Now, this cow, his name is Joe. I named him. I got hungry so I went home and cooked up a steak. It was awesome.

So, I did alot of stuff this week. Mostly, as usual, on SWtoR. I did manage to get a fair amount of DDO in though too. I also learned that some people think Im a brat. I guess that Im supposed to be upset about that but honestly, Im an Empress. Of course Im a brat! Its my right! You know what? Princess Evennote can be one too. Prince Geoff Hanna… hes a goober. A Goober Fish! Also, Im young. Im the youngest person I know who plays DDO. So, am I a brat? Maybe. But, really, why exactly should I care?

Alrighty, Saturday, which is the first day of the weekend in case you forgot, I popped onto DDO to play with Mr Comic Relief! And oh! How much fun was had! Seriously. How much fun did we have? Ive forgotten. Not really though. We had LOTS of fun and fun had only two of us. SO HA! How do you like THAT little mister fun?! HA – HA!

Me and Commie started running around Restless Isles and doing the first quest over there. It was my first time doing the area and my goodness it was confusing. But we made it through and ate some fish. While we were running around killing Wildmen, I couldnt help but feel like I was playing the DDO version of Planet of the Apes. We freed a bunch of Monkeyman slaves. Only one died the whole quest, but he had it coming so its okay. We were going to finish the Beholder optional but apparently its bugged and the second one doesnt like coming out to play.

The next day, Sunday, we ran around a couple tombs in the Demon Sands. I got 3 or 4 Monster Manual Deed rewards which made me a very happy girl. Everytime I see one gets completed I get excited. Like, really excited. We got them done though. Killed a bunch of mummies. Got these weird seal thingies. Then I had to get off, so I did. He did too. Then DDO weekend ended. Sadly, Even couldnt join us on Sunday. Real life stuff. Hopefully she will next Sunday though. I do so enjoy being able to play with her. Shes lots of fun. Better at the game than me too. Which is good. Commie could use someone in the group to make up for my suckyness. Its true.

After that came Monday and Tuesday. Weekdays belong to SWtoR. Both solo and Sibling Phun Time. On Monday, I started a brand new Commando. Got through Ord Mantell and some of Coruscant. then I got the exciting text message from my sissy poop saying she was gonna be online. So I switched over to my Consular and waited. And waited. And waited. For two hours. Turns out, as she was about to log into the game, her daughter decided to go all chaotic evil and make large sticky messes. Mainly, pouring syrup into a cup then pouring it wherever she pleased. She eventually got on though and we managed to finish the first areas quests before she had to get off. We even did the Heroic but as it turned out, she forgot to grab the quest so she didnt get any reward.

Then today, which is Tuesday, I decided I wanted to play Empire side before she got on and made up a Pureblood Sith Warrior chick. No screenshots. I forgot to take one. Managed to get her through Korriban in an hour plus a few minutes. including Heroics. Did a bit of Dromund Kaas, which was exciting and fresh because for Empire side the furthest Ive really gotten was through the Prologue Planets then Id delete and make a new character(I had fewer character slots back then).

Then I switched over to my trooper, blitzed my way through the rest of Coruscant and headed off to Taris. However, I got curious. Id never done a Space Mission before on SWtoR. Now, me, I LOVE flying games. Sit me in front of Ace Combat or something similar and Ill be completly absorbed in playing the game. Nothing else will matter. The world could start collapsing in on itself and I wouldnt care. So, I wanted to check these missions out. Only got around to doing the first one. But it was alot of fun. Ive read quite a few negative things about Space Missions, but I had a truely fun time doing it. It wasnt as complex as I thought itd be. It was more arcade like than anything. The game auto flies you on a pre determined course and all you gotta pay attention to is shooting things. BEW BEW! KABOOM! Hehe.

Then after that, my sister came online. We started out by doing the Heroic she missed the reward on. To ensure that I stayed near her XP level, I didnt grab the quest. So no reward for me doing it today. After we did that, we started the Black Sun area quests and managed to slash our way through all of them including the Heroic(which she DID have this time). We were about to start the Justicar area but she had to go take care of the babies since they both decided to wake up from their naps. We’re having alot of fun together so far. Shes really excited to finish Coruscant so we can head to Taris. I teased her a few weeks ago with some non spoiler info that shed get to learn some interesting things about both the planets history, the origin of the Rakghoul disease and what happened to the Outcasts Revan helped out in KotOR 1. So, you know, she really REALLY wants to go now.

Today was the last day of playing for the next couple days. Ill be back though on Friday – Monday. Hopefully, me and my sister will have Coruscant finished up on Monday. Also hoping Even will be able to join me and Comic on Sunday. That said, these last four days have been a blast.

Hope everyone takes care and has great days/nights! Happy gaming peoplez!


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  1. Hmmm…I wonder if I should tell you about STO (Star Trek Online)…

    • Oh I already know about it. But with my weekends going to ddo and weekdays going to SWtoR, I just don’t have the time for a third game.

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